Brother AACOOLDRE : Red Donkey (*** of the Devil Set)


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Jul 26, 2001

By Andre Austin

The Jews claim that they were made slaves by the Egyptian kings to work at the Pithom and Rameses (Exodus 1:11). Before the city of Rameses it was called Avaris. The Egyptian historians placed the Jewish people involved in the Exodus in the city of Avaris rather than in Pi-Ramesse.

Josephus who wrote about War of the Jews with the Romans and other matters thought the Hyksos were Arabs (see Against Apion Book 1:14-82). The Arabs also claim descent from Ishmael. Keep all of this in mind as the story unfolds.

Dynasties 17 (1729-1550) First Asian invasion of Egypt by Hyksos (part Arabian people) “Rulers of foreign lands. Invasion begins period of widespread destruction. Abraham had a son (Ishmael) by an Egyptian maid/slave Hagar. Ishmael then married an Egyptian woman and had 12 sons who became tribes of the Arabian peninsula (Gen 25:12-18)


“The Hyksos kings worshipped the Egyptian god Set as their chief deity, and one of the most important political events in Hyksos history was the dedication of the city of Avaris to this God. In the Genesis chronology Ishmael, the son of Abraham was born in 1729 virtually the same date for the founding of Avaris. Its no coincidence that Ishmael can be identified with the God Set.

In Egyptian mythology Set was the god of the night sky/Air and considered or symbolized the downward motion of the sun in the lower hemisphere (Prince of the air Ephesians 2:2). Set was the Great Bear in the Northern sky as we see him in Rev having bears feet (Rev 13:2). The theory has been put forward now proven that the Hyksos invaders identified with Set and this led to the Egyptians kicking Set (now Satan) out of the family of their Gods by throwing an *** (donkey) down a steep cliff (this is where the Jews got the idea of Lucifer falling from the sky in the book of Isaiah 14:12) And use of the trumpets is symbolized as the braying (loud harsh sound of a donkey) of an Red *** (Donkey and serpent Aphophis) See Ancient Egyptian myths and legends By Lewis Spence p.100-101; 300. We see the use of trumpets before the devil and his legions are destroyed in Rev 8 and also from the book of Joshua). Rev 8 was talking about the war crimes of Emperor Domitian who was bald headed and killed anyone commenting on it. One description was that “Their hair was like women’s hair” (Rev 9:8) this was due to Domitian tearing the hair out of women in his bed of suffering (Rev 2:22 and also see Suetonius biography of Domitian). Domitian was also Ruddy Red like Set and was nicknamed the Red Dragon in Revelations. In Egypt all desert animals/humans and all with red hair or skin were considered the children of Set because of the abuse of the Hyksos and their worship of Set. All red heads were sacrificed in their temples or altars (Isis and Osiris by Plutarch p.73

The Egyptian Hagar had a baby by Abraham and called him Ishmael and the Jews predict that he will be a wild *** of a man and his hand will be against every man (Genesis 16:11-12). Ishmael as the wild *** corresponds to Set’s donkey image. Ishmael and Set also ruled over the same territory-the wilderness of Shur (desert), to where Horus banished Set and where Ishmael became a mighty nation. Recall Ishmael’s birth coincides with the founding date of Avaris, the city the Hyksos dedicated to Set( See The Bible myth by Gary Greenberg p.86-87; 247)

When the Jews wrote about the Exodus they combined the Hyksos exodus with the Moses exodus and blamed all of their mistreatment on Egyptian Kings rather than on the Hyksos kings. If you read the bible carefully the Jews claim abuse from the Hyksos/Canaanites with whom they were strangers in Canaan not Egypt. The Hyksos were of Canaanite origin sometimes called Amorites. The Jews erroneously merged two exodus stories into one. Maybe the Jews should rewrite their curse story on Ham and be cursed with black skin into that of Red skin??

For the Egyptians Satan didn’t become the devil until he joined forces with the Hyksos to take over their country.


Jews being a stranger in the land of Cannan and being slaves to amorites another name for Hyksos (Gen 15:13-16 also Gen 17:8 and Gen 37:1) The Jews confused Egypt with cannan/Hyksos. Jews are original from Ethiopia and Egypt so they can’t be strangers where they are from.

Domitian was the Ruddy Red dragon of Revelations 12 that kills a women with child by inducing an abortion on her. Domitian was bald-headed and wrote a book called “Care of the Hair”. His bed wrestling (Bed of suffering Rev 2:22) consisted of pulling the hair out of women. Obviously a pun on Domitian in Revelations make him using women’s hair as a wig on himself in Rev 9:8. All of this can be matched up with the Roman historian Suetonius.

From the ancient Egyptian myths stories of set we have The Contendings of Horus and Set Re declares in part “Let Seth( Satan), son of Nut, be delivered to me so that he may dwell with me, being in my company as a son, and he shall thunder in the sky and be feared”. This links up with Luke 10:18 “I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven/Sky”



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Jul 26, 2001
Judas Iscariot who was a temporary Satan in the NT until transferred to Peter. Iscariot last name is punned from Issachar a rawboned Donkey in Genesis 49:14. Satan goes by many names.


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Jul 26, 2001
JUDAS (backbiter) Iscariot (Issachar/Jackass donkey)

He will bind his foal to the vine

And his ***’s colt to the choice vine…(see John 12:13-14 )

Issachar is a rawboned donkey

Lying down between two saddlebags (two Satan’s in between sign of cancer)

When he sees how good is his resting place

And how pleasant is his land

He will bend his shoulder to the burden

And submit to forced labor…”

Genesis 49:14-15

Many people recognized Issachar as a pun on Iscariot “Issachar of genesis 49 is the strong *** crouching down between two burdens (saddlebags) , which is to say the *** stars in the constellation of cancer/scorpion when the sun’s (Jesus) strength begins to weaken” (Suns of God By Acharya S/aka D.M. Murdock p.472) . Murdock also claims Jesus is fufiling prophecies of Genesis 49 and Zech 9:9 by having Jesus march into Jerusalem on a *** (donkey) see Who was Jesus p.130-131. The goat isn’t the only image of Satan.

So we see the signs of Two ***’s (Donkey/Satans) in the sign of cancer. It’s no coincidence that we have two Simons called Satan by Jesus and we have another Simon as the father of Judas Iscariot in the NT (John 6:71 & John 13:26).

Many scholars believe that all the Simons in the NT are the same composite figure. “Supporting this conjecture was the fact that while Jesus gave instructions to Simon the Apostle to follow him with a cross, it was Simon the Cyrene who carried out the prophecy, indicating that these two Simons were lampoons of the same individual.

Jesus tells Simon the Apostle Get behind me Satan (Matthew 16: 22-25)

Jesus tells “Simon, a Cyrenaean, who was coming in from the country and on his shoulders they put the cross for him to carry it behind Jesus” (Luke 23:26) I don’t know what translation Josephus Atwill is using in his book Caesar’s Messiah because I’m not finding the word shoulders that match exactly right up with Genesis 49 use of the word shoulders

Clearly these two donkeys one made to carry a cross and the other rides on are one and the same. When we get to history it’s Titus who takes a Simon/Peter to Rome to be killed falling upside head first, naked and gelded(castrated male donkey) in the same manner as a Satan. Yes titus was cruel when he took Peter’s two nuts from his saddlebags.


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