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    Circulate to female friends.

    After 2-meetings of A Gathering of Sisters, (a group organized
    to address the post-Imus issue), plans are in the works to host
    a formal photo shoot at Spelman College on the steps
    of Sisters Chapel.

    I have been in contact with Dr. Beverly Tatum, president of
    Spelman and she has given her full support and blessing for
    the work that A Gathering of Sisters is undertaking.

    This message goes out to you to personally invite you to
    attend a 90-minute meeting to discuss logistics for the
    photo-shoot which will be held during the month of June.

    As time is of the essence, it will be important for you to
    come and register if you would like to participate in this

    Please join me Thursday, June 7th at 6:00pm
    Capitol City Bank, 562 Lee Street Atlanta, GA 30310
    (across from the West End Mall)--off I-20 & Lee Street.

    Invite your girlfriends as well.

    We are planning a photo-shoot with approximately
    100 women of color. So please help me spread the
    word for those who are interested.

    The purpose of the photo-shoot will be to accompany
    an article which will be sent to "O" the Oprah Magazine,
    ESSENCE Magazine, Ebony Magazine as well as other
    local and national publications across the country.

    Again, you will need to come to the meeting on June 7th
    and officially register and complete a release form to
    participate in the photo shoot. The date of the photo
    shoot will be determined by Dr. Tatum who will grant
    us permission to come on campus for the actual
    photographing session.

    Kindly complete the form below and RSVP for
    the June 7th meeting.
    Thank you,
    Lea, 404-505-8050

    ( ) YES, I will attend the June 7th-Briefing for the Photo-Shoot.

    Name: ________________________________________________

    Phone: ( ) ____________________________________

    below list the names of your friends who will be coming with you:




    Thank you.
    Atlanta, Georgia

    To Reclaim, Revive, and Revolutionize religious and spiritual life at Spelman College by creating a community that shapes ethical leaders for the 21st century.

    As a religious and spiritual community, we seek to support the Spelman College mission in developing the intellectual, ethical and leadership potential of Spelman students through nurturing faith, encouraging scholarship, and cultivating young women for service.

    Sisters Chapel Selected for Architectural Contest
    This week , the general public can log on to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Web site to vote for Sisters Chapel, which is on the ballot of five buildings nominated for the Atlanta Chapter of the American Institute of Architects' "Building of the Decade," 1926-1935. The contest is in recognition of the 100th anniversary of the Atlanta Chapter of AIA, which nominated 50 buildings from decades 1906-2006. The final results of the poll will be released in November, and winners will be honored in the AJC's "Atlanta Icons" series.

    Sisters Chapel Restoration Receives Statewide Award
    One of the College’s most admired architectural designs, Sisters Chapel has earned the coveted Excellence in Restoration Award from The Georgia Trust. The award, announced on April 22, 2006 recognizes the restoration of historic structures that depict accurate form, features and character of the structure as it appeared at a particular period.
    The restoration took less than two years, resulting in more than 90 percent of the building's furniture and fixtures being restored or replaced. Central heating and air, public restrooms and upgrades to the audio, visual and lighting systems were part of the restoration. "We are honored to have received this distinguished award which represents the hard work and dedication that went into preserving the history and integrity of this wonderful landmark," said Arthur Frazier, director of Facilities Management & Services. The Trust has recognized superior preservation projects for more than 25 years. Sisters Chapel was one of five projects to receive the Excellence in Restoration Award for 2006.