Black Poetry : Received Meaning

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    Received Meaning

    My mind steams as rhymes gleams like bright lights when

    I do tight writes so tonight just gonna chill out and then

    Order a pizza, because my funk has long shrunk tendacy

    Of hearing the wrong junk this song has sunk a dependacy

    Of music in my life, have an army of fears but the rap harmony

    Clears my mind in an atmosphere of crime society is stormy

    For as long as I can gonna be a strong man and the wrong plan

    Can land you in jail, must keep up with competitors in demand

    On the streets with predators always young like Peter Pan

    Blend rhymes after I spend time thinking in the end linking

    With the internet but not a winner yet one eye open winking

    On a bold route and have to hold out in rap contests a map

    Best describe my position in my archives friction Im trapped

    Must stop or halt the slop talk because My plot is to walk and

    Not worry, see a dame I wanna detain but use restrain my plan

    Is to kiss her lips, she’s wise without fail and a surprise is in

    Her mail I’m dope thug clever wrote her a love letter I been

    Checking her out, hope she’s in store for this wanna adore

    Her kiss, look I write hot legit script on mission with hardcore

    Apocalyptic vision to guide folks even ride boats to float

    These quotes across water and feed an array of fish nope

    This is not Moby Dick, from my mind a sea rhymes escapes

    I drop it right and like a rocket flight this stuff takes

    Off while all the fakes are soft, like a coach this makes

    Cats approach and obey the rules of the game so schools

    Maintain their posure, which is a bull dozier and not cool

    look eating a bagel in the room trying to avoid a fatal doom

    of food poisioning
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