Black People : Reasons Why the Bush ADministration is Worst Than Nixon (An Opinion)

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    Here are some developing stories which IMHO are reasons why the Bush ADministration is the worst in American History and also Worst than the Nixon Administraton:

    Reason 1: - The Unlawful Detainment of Enemy Combtants

    Top court hears arguments on detaining citizens / White House defends holding some without charges as enemy fighters

    The Bush administration yielded no ground before the Supreme Court on Wednesday in arguing that the open-ended military detention of U.S. citizens as enemy combatants, without criminal charges or access to lawyers, is justified both in law and as...

    Reason 2: - The Secret and Mysterious Energy Policy Drafted by the Administration after it took office

    Energetically hiding: Cheney believes only secret advice is honest advice

    In the case at hand, the Sierra Club and Judicial Watch won a pre-trial ruling to discover the names of energy executives and others who advised Cheney and the energy task force he headed. Why shouldn't Americans know how the administration went...

    Reason 3: - The Lack of WMD and the Lie for cause of war

    Page: Powell as lost as weapons of mass destruction

    Plan of Attack (Simon & Schuster), Bob Woodward's new behind-the-scenes book about how and why President Bush went to war against Iraq, portrays a secretary of state who was blatantly dissed dismissed ??????by his boss back in January 2003, and...

    Reason 4: - The Prewar Plan for Division of Oil in the Middle East:

    Some Extra Info about Donald Rumsfeld:
    Donald Rumsfeld - Wikipedia

    This is just a small sample of the atrocities of this administration and the sad part about it. Is that people vote for this guy BECAUSE OF HIS MORALS. How can a man be ethical and moral but be a deceptive person.

    I guess this statement may be true:

    This aint the Bush White House - This is the Cheney, Carl Rowe, Rumfeld and Wolfowitz White House.