Black Poetry : Reason My Brotha!!!!

Aaawww **** Q!!! The search is ova dog im hea and lookin forward to droppin sumpthin on yall real soon!

Rich I hea you callin me dog!

I know GA is around here somewhere and I gotta give her love cause she true to da end!

Thanks for da love... I'll be droppin wit Da Fam again soon!!!

Wind Beneath My Poetic Wings...


finally! i can soar to new heights again!!
my wondrous wind is here!! :jumping:

just to see your name on the page does my
:heart: a world of good!! you are my love...

now don't be shy... c'mon in hea and put it
on us... you know how you do... raggedy ***! :lol:


I hope you are having a lovely day,
you know, as lovely as your brilliant sun ray
as lovely as the songs that birds chirp in may
as lovely as the view from mandalay bay
though no matter how descriptive of
how lovely things may be
most of all I hope your day
is as lovely as you are to me...

beautiful you!

you mean so much to me and I just had to give you somethin to make you smile. thank you for continually supporting and believing in me sweetheart, (feel my emotion)

It's all love!

You be da original Raggedy ***!!!


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