Black Poetry : Reality Is Realer Than Real

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    Cause nobody out here ain't gon believe
    any positive situation you known in
    yeah it be that paper money they worship
    it use to be the cowrie shells worldwide not too long ago
    and so
    i give the paper monies into my earthly dreams
    cause these earthly dreams of mine transform into breathtaking visions
    it is a day by day sidestepping as many start color'tripping
    plus they own prejudice bigot race'tripping
    and it is all types of gangs out here
    they identify themselves by any associate who can identify them
    that's why i comes as my lineages
    so people strictly understand
    that i am only one man
    equipped with my own empowerment to keep myself going
    i still listen my great grandmutha's words even more carefully
    i can't be slipping to these mercenaries
    i can't be slipping to these lost females
    i can't be slipping to these suckers of them so called brothers
    i can't be slipping to no religions
    i can't be slipping to none of these humans who be controlling the mind of the masses holding down positions as a mob-style government
    Like that at&t man i met i agree with him totally
    minding my own business got me highly focused irrevocably
    i ain't even got no time to respond back to people who be laughing at unknown me
    you know you know the ones who be pointing directing their lesser spiritual achievements as projections of life out on you scoldly silliest
    i could crack their skull clacked leaving them all leaking profusely one way ticket heading back home cause i done been there before sow i ain't fearing it
    wid they heart beating a gain of emergencies
    as i step off thinking and knowing they deserve it for hurting me as my lineages
    i had to bomb on em urgently
    mayday(echoing) as the bass and treble from a thumping ole skool box chevy car plays
    though instead you can catch the strike 1 and the 2 and the 3
    while i pump up my volume in so many ways you see i seek
    handling business the most effective economical way me and X know how...
    it ain't no secret that i study Marcus Garvey like my eeg depends on it
    the ekg running my Dynasty
    on your mark spiritual courage looking at the target get set explode now
    and you should know how to you dumb fool as that education be that grits
    and if it don't make monies
    then your deepest profound studies from your compiled research really don't make sense
    just like when i wear my baseball cap people get scared of me
    i can see their skin tone jump beating up the flinch heart in they stomach sunk
    cause in these days and nights of time being real means being by yourself
    and to the death of my undetermined demise it is determination and intellect of intelligence with wisdom epitomized everytime i will arise out from a braver unknown depth
    i'm a str8 up and down racist like my horse
    butterfly showed me how to fly throughout the day
    moth showed me how to follow into the moonlight to keep ahold of soul at night
    and plus negativity you can kick rocks
    looking miserable almost caught me within your clutches like the rest of these fools
    but i got wings
    out the birdcage Maya
    im off the cliff with my chit(echoing)
    cause nobody out here ain't gon believe
    any positive situation you known in...
    and that's realer than real.