Black Short Stories : Real vs Unreal (Diary of a Black Man)

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    I try to tell my little ones that the television is not real just as the internet, we just project what can be made by envisioning a personification of self perceptively. It is the use of advance information technology and i would not doubt if aliens exist either without knowledge of a book. I could and did communicate with those cows while i was in the United Kingdom face to their faces and they understood me by reacting with nonverbal action and verbal moos as i interpreted it without or with natural herb at the time of momentum within space then truly when touched of emotion shaping it those figures as they are from repeated burned images just as the computer gives off too plus stored memory functions of memories then; indeed it is real but when i go to sleep none is there depending on the timing of thoughts or just visitors of the unseen. Perfect example...Tupac is gone as far as the news, his brothers of the Outlawz to include his mother and doctors but while sleep or at rest which is beyond the second state of mind he appeared after several "pings" to him requesting his presence to be made unto me asking for guidance on how to maneuver in the game of life smoothly rather than rough and he appeared to me never before seen in any video or even reading through his books i have plus i never imagined him with the "real" talks we had while actually walking from scene to scene...he told me always keep the "keys" to my ride hidden as he looked up at me seriously. I thought about our conversations we had for weeks and started to rewind his tapes and cds my brotha was actually speaking reality as his words lived forever just as the elders or ancestors of all races though due to my perception of life i viewed all situations independently often reading about what others could not imagine to even think about. I started to practice real vs unreal which is opposites keeping my mind as a gem creating more facets with each and every day and some call this mysticism but on the real i am mystery...i love to be a mystery as it keeps me safe but i dare not go further than my own wisest times as i know what goes around comes around again knowing my soul cannot afford to be sold out for a piece of clout and mind tightropes which is the man balancing himself though below it is no pillow cushioning...dayum i can't fall into the unreal as it is way too dangerous not to come back but i can use slight illusions to create positives fillers where negative resides it is too much to explain so the trip of the unknown is a trip of self for the aspirant on their journey....