Black People Politics : Real Talk On ILLEGAL Immigration


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May 9, 2012
First let there be no illusion. Pro - ILLEGAL Immigration support is about #1 Cheaper labor & #2 importing votes.

In this particular city, illegal immigrants have been assigned commissioner positions.

The biggest political AND media lie is making NO distinction between LEGAL and ILLEGAL immigration.

For example you may hear them say, "Well most violent crimes are not caused by immigrants".

We are not talking about immigrants. We are talking about ILLEGAL immigrants.


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Jan 20, 2015
The United States is a country of immigrants.

China including Hong Kong
Vietnam, El Salvador, Cuba, and Korea
Dominican Republic and Guatemala
Latin America
  • Iraq
  • *Lebanon
  • *Egypt
  • *Syria
  • *Morocco
  • *Pakistan
  • *Russia
  • *Turkey
  • *Yemen
  • *Afghanistan
  • *China
  • *Albania
  • *Sierra Leone
RACE - History - European Immigration and Defining Whiteness
Cash-Strapped Nations Race to Attract Chinese Immigrants - WSJ
The Shocking Number of Illegal Immigrants Not From Mexico That - 330k -

Why are Mexicans the only race singled out as illegals/undocumented. Many Latinos or undocumented and the U.S. welcomes them as perspective voters

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