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    Late Friday night coming home from work with my back shot out like a flat tire and my neck nearly falling over like ham-hocks in a pot of hot collard greens I listened attentively as this beautiful voice came streaming over the speakers in my car. Yep! This was it, my song, and I did what we always do. I turned it up loud until it was like maple syrup running sweet on my ears. As I began to listen to the heartfelt lyrics of the sensational R&B siren Mary J. Blige I could not help but to think that this very song could be the Love Anthem for society in America today because we’re all searching for a “Real Love.” As Mary J continues to say in her song, “Someone to set my heart free!” However, I just wonder, really wonder are we missing the bus on the deeper meaning of love.
    Have you ever wondered what the Surgeon General would say if we could mass manufacture love, bottle it up, and put it on store shelves for everyone to buy at the supermarkets tomorrow? It’s just my opinion but I can just imagine that it would probably say something like, “Use with extreme caution, may cause confusion, lead to child-birth or even amount to broken hearts!” If you’re wondering why in world I’d venture to say something so bold, awful, and outrageous its because love today seems to be ever more synonymous with just having sex.
    Turn on your television and it’s not hard to see where we’re going wrong and how old slu foot devil has slipped in and twisted the meaning of pure love. Rap videos are infamous for alluring to the idea of chasing women with junk in the trunk, instead of promoting the more noble act of chasing women’s hearts. Then there’s most of our daily advertising, which consists of selling products with sex and promises of love. Take for example the axe affect commercials with a guy putting on deodorant that suddenly transforms him into the pimp of all ages with women suddenly raving for him. Now c’mon do we really but deodorant for sex appeal. Last time I bought it, it was to straight out keep from being musky! But these are the traps that the enemy of Christ has planted to destroy us and ultimately defile love’s meaning.
    Sadly were falling into the trap and the current situation is dangerous already an epidemic swirling out of control. So how does this devil’s trap of convincing us to associate love with sex, temptation, and lust ultimately demolish us. It’s very simple. Think back to the biblical saying that quotes, “The ultimate result of sin is death.” Now let’s apply this principle. Sex no doubt is sin right? Therefore, sex when not annointed under God’s holly institution of marriage is ultimate destruction. What I’m talking when I say death resulting from sex outside of marriage is nothing more than AIDS and all those other nasty sexually transmitted diseases, which can ravish our bodies lending us a quick route into the graveyard. This is the devil’s trick he’s been using this for years and we have to stop falling for it now beacause the truth of the matter is people are dying.
    I think we’ve made love too mechanical and we have to look beyond the flesh because the truest love is giving, and the sharing of each others hearts as well as our lives. So with all this said just what example should we follow to find that true love. Believe it or not but it’s definitely not Adam & Eve. If anything they are the example of what not to do and how to fall into the con-artist’s hands! Better yet Joseph and Mary were the God sent example of how true love should be. I like to think of Joseph and Mary as God’s perfect examples. Why? Well first of all they were properly married under God, and their relationship was not solely based on satisfying their flesh. No, it was much deeper than that. Mary and Joseph both depict loves purity because they painted a picture of how love could be more spiritual than physical and even though, Marry was pregnant, and not to Joseph their love was still unconditional. Can you just imagine that cold night in the confinements of the ragged shed with the wind howling as Joseph held Mary in his arms to comfort her pain and protect her from the blistering cold as he bore our Lord and Savior into this world. That had to be true love at its best. At that very moment I can truly say that Mary and Joseph were one body. Not by the joining of flesh, but by their shared hardship, shared faith and belief in God that he would bring them through the blistering cold of the night into a brighter day. Just maybe God intended love to be that simple. So simple that I can only think of using one word to describe it all, Magic!
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    The emissary I couldn't agree with you more.
    Very beautiful and tru sentiment:kiss1:
    It reminds me of what real music use to be like.
    We all want love and when it comes around you better know it!
    As a single person I so want love but it never works if the other person doesn't want or doesn't know how to give it.
    I believe God knows my heart and the contents of my soul and intensions and that's why these men are only in my life for reason and a season:kiss1:
    If it's meant to last it will come back but if not I promised myself from here and now on to give my body to God until he sends me someone who is worthy of me:kiss1: People don't realize what God gives you until it's gone:kiss1: Why is it so hard for people to fall in love and give that same love in return? What are they afraid of?
    I myself have been through so much abuse trying to reach out to the armless and heartless and I am the one who is always in tears and dissapointment. Instead of constantly setting myself up for pain, it's better to stop looking for love and let love find me.:kiss1: