Black Poetry : Real Love: Two Lineages as One Tree

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    See i am a suprabusinessbeing
    all natural about my weight
    one hundred and sixty pounds
    a Cherokee
    colored in sun
    add the bill
    capitalized the bee
    made of cotton
    dyed midnight
    Edo coloured in blood
    after the liquid hits
    to the brain
    along with the brand and patent pending
    called Real Love
    a type of drink to be refrigerated
    or held in storage
    with the moringa
    plus the brown sugar
    add the black bee honey
    plus the oolong tea
    add the black seed powder
    alkaline water boiled
    cause i outlaw
    plus backed by my recorded label
    wrapped around my body
    letting your thirst be quench
    of a song who gets into you
    guaranteed to upright plus uplift you fitter
    to they hearts woodbanger
    with a hole bigger enough 2 fly into settled
    if you set'tripping
    then immah dump
    leaving a seed of extreme satisfaction
    out through that same hole
    i vines creepingly
    blossoming blooms
    forever i sticks to your shaky barks
    getting every sunshine's ray
    all around three sixty
    be my bottled product supplied as demanded
    positive statistics since inception into maturity
    my karma is flier
    this young ancestor without fame keeps growing up
    minding my own business
    on track without any chorus
    ain't we rite 2Pac and Maya Angelou?
    a passive aggressive trilogy as truer success without a gun
    as a hollow tip bullet
    will send them all heaven
    when i'm thru finished with them
    from they guts to they liver
    out they skin plus from they two lips refreshed plus delivered...
    it's just me(echoing)
    cardiac contractions meet electricity
    funk the oncoming hurdles
    only the livest pumps up the beat
    turn up my volume when you fatigue
    we the elite....