Black Poetry : REAL LIFE

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    When you see real life for what real life is
    See it for all its frankness and candor … its lack of fluff and fizz
    You learn to appreciate honesty, even if it is a slap in the face
    For you know where you stand … and you know your place
    You can look past deception by looking at the way things are
    And fear not betrayal ‘cause you can see if from afar
    And yes, you can see trouble coming from a mile away
    When you’ve been tried by reality, there’s nothing left to say
    You learn that the saying “time will tell” rings true
    Time marches on, brining truth into view
    For a lie can only stand but only for so long
    Before it topples before the truth, and truth sings its silent song
    Like faith, all it takes is the measure of a mustard seed
    For truth to sprout to its potential, then you find that there is no need -
    To justify or defend against what is, for if it’s a façade, it’ll fade -
    Into the nothingness of obscurity, and the point of truth is made

    When you see real life for what real life is meant to be
    And embrace reality in its purest form, you can more clearly see -
    How the universe really is and how the world works
    You get an ‘ultra-true’ sense of its problems … and its perks
    You can separate the trash from the treasure, and find the diamond in the rough
    You can decipher vibrato from vocal cowardice, and separate the timid from the tough
    You can begin to assemble an essential yet simple proof
    Most importantly you can separate a tale from the truth
    You can differentiate the Bull from the bulls**t without wasting much time
    And save yourself the animate energy of an uphill climb -
    That so many struggle with and decry the situation for the way it presents itself
    For it is what it is and honestly it can be nothing else
    With open eyes and ears you can see and hear the signs of what is to come
    That’ll be of no surprise to you, but will be a surprise to more than some -
    Who happens to fall for the BS more often than not and can’t figure out why
    And are frustrated by the way things are and find changes too futile to try

    When you see real life the way real life is to be seen
    Your senses become acute and your awareness becomes keen
    You see life as less innocent and this existence ‘less than’ pristine
    You start to discern what it is to be forthright as opposed to being mean
    Your naiveté turns into knowledge and wisdom
    You have a better understanding, and you know where it is from
    And like the young lion learning how to hunt after each kill
    You better learn how to navigate through life, and some aspects of life – at will
    You learn how to see treacherous ways by the clues that are left
    You learn how to avoid deceit which only brings to our ‘peace of mind’, theft
    You can route your way around the traps of life that so easily snares -
    The unsuspecting soul that’s caught unawares
    The veil of innocence is lifted to where intentions are un-shrouded
    And agendas and cruel ambitions become less crowded
    As they take up less space in the mind allowing you to be up-lifted
    Having already been tried, and like wheat, twice-sifted

    When you see real life for what real life really is
    And differences are as distinct as the difference between hers and his
    You see life with a ‘clarity’ that you’ve never seen before
    And like an ever blossoming flower, truth opens up more and more
    You tend not to see people, places and things the same way
    You look at life differently as it takes on a new display
    A display that’s been there all along albeit new to you
    A display that’s opened up when innocence no long obscures your view
    When the veil of ignorance and naiveté are no longer an issue
    You can push through this era of existence as easily as breaking through wet tissue
    And focus on what’s important and deal with what matters most
    And leave the insignificant things of this life to those that are prone to brag and boast
    Let the wrongs be wrongs … let bygones be bygones
    Let what is, continue to be for those who find purpose to thrive on
    As you chart your course through life that will take you to where you want to be
    Focusing on you and on the things in life that you want to see

    Written by: Charles
    © 2009
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    all snip ....this gotta be one of your greatest creation i was feeling you from start to finish
    Life in real time is no joke or laughing matter bruh!
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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option
    to live

    is to learn

    we hope

    this in reality


    what you wrote here
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    In a piece as strong as this one, selecting a few quotable lines is difficult, but these lines really popped out at me:
    The truth can be painful for sure, but at least you know the raw deal without the window dressing. Bull's eye poet! :bullseye:
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    You see, This is the very reason that I want to make love to a poet. To share his thoughts, swim deep in that sea which is his mind, and love him as the gift that he is. Poetry never ceases to amaze me.
    And you poet, spoke to my soul.So............................................................
    Love on Poet, Love on!