Pan Africanism : Real Dirty Tricks; Lies to Justifdy Land Grabs

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    Groups around the world accuse European business magnates Vincent Bolloré and Hubert Fabri of using intimidation to silence local opposition to African land grab.

    Global Research, June 03, 2013

    SOCFIN Agricultural Company Sierra Leone Ltd. (SAC), a subsidiary of SOCFIN, (Société Financière des Caoutchoucs), a Luxembourg-registered company controlled by the prominent French entrepreneur Vincent Bolloré and Belgian businessman Hubert Fabri, is suing a Sierra Leonean NGO, Green Scenery, for its reporting on the activities of the company.
    In May 2011, Green Scenery released a report on SAC’s oil palm project in Sierra Leone, which highlighted inadequate compensation, corruption, and pressure on land owners and chiefs to sign agreements to give up their land. [1]
    Earlier in 2011, SAC signed a 50-year lease with the Sierra Leonean government for 6,500 hectares (ha) on land used by more than 9,000 farmers in 24 villages in Pujehun District. The deal gave SAC an option to expand the leased area by an additional 5,000 ha.
    The company responded by filing suit for defamation (known as a SLAPP suit) against the NGO and its Executive Director, Joseph Rahall, asking a Sierra Leonean court to order them to apologize, pay damages, and to stop publishing information that the company may consider defamatory. Yet, Green Scenery’s report is consistent with the formal grievances filed by local communities opposed to the forceful takeover of their land and the destruction of their crops and forests by SOCFIN. [2] In December 2012, 101 members of landholding families from 36 villages called on the national Human Rights Commission, civil society organi....
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    Proof again why the foreigners must be expelled from the continent! Given the outrageous crimes that the Europeans in general, and in this case the Belgians in particular, have committed in Afrika, why are they even in the country? Situations like this will always be the case as long as we allow those integrationist to lead! It's a mess I tell you. :mad: