Black Poetry : Ready Or Not?

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    I knew you wasn’t ready for the Revolution
    When I saw you standing there
    Smoking your Newport cigarette
    Black n Mild
    Blunt packed
    It didn’t even matter that
    It was the New Pimp that was tricking you
    Your fellow neighbor hoods
    Praising malt liquor gods of King Cobras
    Charging Bulls
    A Wild Irish Rose which I suppose
    You wouldn’t claim to know you had Some Irish in you
    From society trying to do you from the black
    Put a monkey on your back
    Your eyes wide from smoking crack
    Still you can’t see
    Dope keeps you from getting ready for the Revolution
    Weed is a plant that strangles
    The roots of growing trees
    A blooming garden called family it leaves it dead-
    Chronically, continual death ongoing......
    “Man, I’m going to be smokin’ chronic
    ‘til the day I die...!
    It’ll be sooner than you think, if you’re getting high
    I see why you ain’t ready for the Revolution.....
    A wrap to you is a hairdo
    Subliminal messages of hate
    Disguising itself as lyrics, music,on a hip hop tape
    Rewind and then ask yourself how fine you are with
    Permission then to call yourself Nigg-AH
    Which is far different from a Nigg-ER?
    Because the ER is gone and ain’t no emergency
    Just a “Ay ***** Ay”.....
    I see why you ain’t ready for the Revolution.....

    Don’t nobody know all your business except Section 8
    Or the local County welfare office-
    They the only people you do business with
    With either your hand or your baby on your hip
    “Don’t be telling all my bizzness.....”
    Nothing getting done on time, except the hair appointment you make
    Keeping your in CA-7 form up to date
    Because God forbid your check be late
    Got three babies to take care of and that including you
    Sometimes six if it includes your babies daddies, too
    “Don’t be telling all my bizzness.....”
    But, it ain’t no secret about your mess
    In your test tube apartment;
    A project which you proudly proclaim home
    I see why you ain’t ready for the Revolution....

    You think you already been fighting
    But the Revolution ain’t got no time
    For militant and defiant ones
    The last time we were singing “We shall overcome!”
    We got an equal opportunity to hate one another
    Hands on lessons
    About how to kill the love for a brother
    Now, America doesn’t need white sheets to be discreet
    You learned well how to make warfare in the streets
    You leave your fatalities in drowning in a pool of blood
    Because the last Revolution failed you in brotherly love

    Then Affirmative Action was on the scene
    Thinking you was good enough to make the team
    Just because you’re on the team
    Doesn’t mean you get in the game....
    It’s a shame after you was cut without pay,
    You still want to play......
    Better be getting ready for the Revolution!

    I knew you wasn’t ready for the Revolution
    When I entered your room at your momma’s house
    Saw that twin bed unmade
    Your twenty-three pairs of tennis shoes
    Neatly and proudly given tribute to a moment in the NBA or NFL
    Meaning ***** Best Admired or ***** Favored Lately
    I guess you hadn’t figured it out
    N-Blems don’t care about you
    As long as you gonna spend
    Just Do It! Life is just a sport...
    Sport meaning ridicule and mockery and you can’t see
    The joke is being played on you ......
    As long as you’re suspended in air
    You’ll always be here
    Where X marks the spot
    Where you name should be,
    Except in the Ghetto
    People don’t own their own property
    There you are standing around with a toothbrush,
    Polishing over scraps and buffing scuffs
    “Man, get off my shoes-***** these Muther*****s
    is brand new!”
    Yet in a week or so
    They’ll be considered “Hella old....”
    The pair you wearing makes Twenty-Fo’
    I see why you ain’t ready for the Revolution........

    Was Webster in the Ghetto defining
    A small portion of the city
    Where large numbers of minorities live
    Did slang hip diction into believing
    Is a Project something different than a plan or scheme
    Do you see behind the smoke screen
    Get what I’ve seen
    There was a Revolution going on
    You didn’t even know
    Because the number of children you have
    Is higher than the grade you finished in school.....
    But you simply trying to get higher
    You can’t ever be truly set free, because really
    What is there for an ex-drug dealer to be
    Without selling drugs...the last Revolution failed you in brotherly love
    How would you have fun without a gun
    In the Revolution
    B**ches and ****** are Brothers and Sisters
    Are Misses and Misters
    In the Revolution
    Babies are born drug free and play outside
    Without fear of a drive-by
    In the Revolution
    Ain’t no such thing as a single parent
    Families are home owners
    Fathers are more than just sperm donors
    In the Revolution
    Brothers don’t need alibis
    They working nine to five
    Sometimes nine to twelve-for themselves
    In the Revolution
    My babies daddy is my husband,
    My soulmate,
    My bestfriend to talk with
    In the Revolution
    A project
    Is something a child has as a homework assignment
    Ghettos don’t exist
    Because humankind doesn’t have a minority
    In the Revolution
    Respect is the Revolution
    Community is the Revolution
    Love is the Revolution
    Love is the Revolutionary thing that makes the Revolution Revolutional...
    Say you see what I see
    Are you stopping you from being free
    If you can’t love yourself, I know why
    You ain’t ready for the Revolution...
    Are you…?
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    i trudged into murky waterz....let tha man speak!!!!1

    this was DEEP...hold it down ...~1~
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    Pump up the VOLUME

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    speak speak speak !!!!!
    well done and said let it all out to be heard
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    I'll put U on a pedestal with a bullhorn surounded by mics, just say it loud.

    Keep bringin' it, minds need opening & sleepers need awakening, & U got the crowbar & no-doze.