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Oct 18, 2008
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A couple of days ago, something very interesting in the chat box took place. Everyone was having fun...Nasheed, Sweetapplepie, Zulile, Lovealexandria, PLATINUMILLITY1 hung out for a while and me Astrologer4U

What took place in the chat box, was so fun and intriguing that it was decided, a thread should be started. Below is what took place in the shout out box...Before we get started. Please read it, I think you will enjoy.

Read from bottom to top, if you don't want to read the entire thing, read the underlined, and bolded parts.


[Today 05:20 PM] Astrologer4U: Sweets, it's okay

[Today 05:20 PM] Nasheed: okay

[Today 05:20 PM] Nasheed: I is sorry

[Today 05:20 PM] sweet apple*pie: no....I am playing with you love

[Today 05:20 PM] Astrologer4U: Nasheed, I will do a reading for you...don't
get discoraged by my obvious signature, it is there not for the reason you

[Today 05:20 PM] sweet apple*pie: let me stop givin advice, like I know!!! HA HA

[Today 05:19 PM] Nasheed: did I ask wrong?

[Today 05:19 PM] sweet apple*pie: ooohh...sorry,

[Today 05:19 PM] Astrologer4U: Water signs...Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces

[Today 05:19 PM] sweet apple*pie: taurus, virgo...and...and

[Today 05:19 PM] sweet apple*pie: he he he...just like that Nasheed, huh?

[Today 05:19 PM] Astrologer4U: Lovealexandria, you are welcome, you are my sister, why would I do that to you? We are all in this together

[Today 05:18 PM] lovealexandria: which is a water sign

[Today 05:18 PM] Nasheed: I need a reading

[Today 05:18 PM] sweet apple*pie: should I be leery, if I like someone who is not a water sign A......

[Today 05:18 PM] Astrologer4U: Okay, I will start one and I will start it from giving the example used in the shout out box, I will leave you two messages in your profile box

[Today 05:18 PM] lovealexandria: thanks for not sayin '**** you" when i don't understand

[Today 05:17 PM] sweet apple*pie: yes! I would like that too!

[Today 05:17 PM] lovealexandria: sounds fun

[Today 05:17 PM] Astrologer4U: cool, we can start up a thread where we can work together on reading signs

[Today 05:16 PM] sweet apple*pie: you know we slo on astrology A4U!

[Today 05:16 PM] lovealexandria: that be good ok

[Today 05:16 PM] sweet apple*pie: at LA's was a bit confusing at first, but I do understand

[Today 05:16 PM] Astrologer4U: I can help you if you would like

[Today 05:15 PM] lovealexandria: what dose it have to do with the universe

[Today 05:15 PM] Astrologer4U: If you still don't understand, it means you need practice reading signs

[Today 05:15 PM] lovealexandria: i sill don't understand

[Today 05:15 PM] Astrologer4U: Nasheed always a pleasure showing you love back

[Today 05:14 PM] sweet apple*pie: sweetie pie Nasheed

[Today 05:14 PM] Astrologer4U: [when she comes back after scrolling down to rearead the question, she should realize that she didn't pay attention to the signs and she would have indeed gotten hit by a train

[Today 05:14 PM] Nasheed: I 2 all the Queens

[Today 05:14 PM] sweet apple*pie: say what?? Lucky lady!

[Today 05:14 PM] lovealexandria: i never got a ticket either

[Today 05:13 PM] sweet apple*pie: hopefully none of us have...he he he

[Today 05:13 PM] Astrologer4U: lovealexandria, scroll down and rearead the question

[Today 05:12 PM] sweet apple*pie: LOL

[Today 05:12 PM] lovealexandria: I never got hit by a train

[Today 05:12 PM] Astrologer4U: you may have not gotten a ticket if you ignored that stop sign but you may have gotten hit by a train

[Today 05:12 PM] sweet apple*pie: yes, so true...I found a terrific website that helped to explain why understanding astrology is not against Gods will. I was really happy about that.

[Today 05:12 PM] lovealexandria: OK ill take your word on it

[Today 05:11 PM] Astrologer4U: oh yes the universe will, don't kid your self

[Today 05:11 PM] Astrologer4U: Signs always matter, our ancestors knew this

[Today 05:11 PM] lovealexandria: still the universe aint gonna give me a ticket if i dont follow its signs

[Today 05:09 PM] lovealexandria: [got to give propt to ya

[Today 05:09 PM] Astrologer4U: Zulile, I knew you would like that one. I been studying Astrology so long that I dun picked up ways from all signs, pretty clever huh?

[Today 05:08 PM] lovealexandria: hehehe

[Today 05:08 PM] Zulile: Laughing

[Today 05:08 PM] sweet apple*pie: have 12 houses now gurl...claim them all on you 09 taxes, ya hear?

[Today 05:08 PM] Astrologer4U: Ahh, so you see, signs do really matter...hehehe

[Today 05:07 PM] lovealexandria: what are you trying to say

[Today 05:07 PM] lovealexandria: no

[Today 05:07 PM] Astrologer4U: it is a yes or no question?

[Today 05:06 PM] lovealexandria: is this a trick question

[Today 05:06 PM] Astrologer4U: lovealexandria would you keep going at a stop sign where railroad tracks are?

[Today 05:05 PM] Zulile: Oh I see

[Today 05:05 PM] lovealexandria: in that case i own a mansion in tahiti

[Today 05:05 PM] sweet apple*pie: whats OIC, A

[Today 05:04 PM] Astrologer4U: OIC sweets

[Today 05:04 PM] sweet apple*pie: im jus being silly....

[Today 05:04 PM] lovealexandria: the only house i have is the one on my wall

[Today 05:04 PM] Astrologer4U: Sweets, what you talking about? and Zulile, you didn't mention what you are laughing at but I know...hehehe

[Today 05:03 PM] sweet apple*pie: he he he!

[Today 05:03 PM] Zulile:

[Today 05:03 PM] sweet apple*pie: well 4 of mine are up for auction, lol...I need a BailOut

[Today 05:03 PM] Zulile: absolutely, LA they matter much!

[Today 05:02 PM] Astrologer4U: Sweets, we all have 12 houses

[Today 05:02 PM] Zulile:

[Today 05:02 PM] PLATINUMILLITY1: Hey Zulile

[Today 05:02 PM] Nasheed: in the bigger scheme of things yes

[Today 05:02 PM] Astrologer4U: you have wronged them...LOL

[Today 05:02 PM] lovealexandria: Do signs realy matter?

[Today 05:02 PM] sweet apple*pie: how many houses do I have?? 12?

[Today 05:02 PM] Astrologer4U: Zulile, I know and that is why I love Scorpios, they know how to keep a secret, that is unless...

[Today 05:01 PM] Zulile: tru dat, Atrologer4U!

[Today 05:01 PM] Astrologer4U: Sweets you were right, I was just adding the other two that you did not mention...All earth signs are comaptible with water signs

[Today 05:01 PM] sweet apple*pie: I finally learned what the moon and rising ascendent sign If I can just figure out what the he** all my different "houses" mean...

[Today 05:01 PM] Zulile: Sister Platinum! Good to see you!

[Today 05:00 PM] PLATINUMILLITY1: Hey bro

[Today 05:00 PM] Astrologer4U: that we would never know about

[Today 05:00 PM] sweet apple*pie: whew! Come on now...i been doing my homework...LOL

[Today 05:00 PM] Nasheed: hahahahaha, thats a true Scorpio there

[Today 05:00 PM] Astrologer4U: Zulile you are to a Scorp, you do a lot of things

[Today 04:59 PM] Astrologer4U: you are right, i was just adding the other two

[Today 04:59 PM] Zulile: as a scorp, i respond on a need to know basis

[Today 04:59 PM] Nasheed: Hey Platt, good 2 see u again Queen

[Today 04:59 PM] sweet apple*pie: huh @A4U.....I thought I read taurus and virgo

[Today 04:59 PM] Astrologer4U: Zulile, you let that one ride bye huh, I know you saw it...hehehe

[Today 04:58 PM] Zulile: check this forum Here for all your astrological needs

[Today 04:58 PM] lovealexandria: anyone a taurus or virgo

[Today 04:58 PM] Astrologer4U: Scorp Pisces

[Today 04:58 PM] sweet apple*pie: Hi Platinum, good saturday to you

[Today 04:57 PM] sweet apple*pie: Taurus and Virgo

[Today 04:57 PM] lovealexandria: seems to be alot of capricorns here. what is compatable with capricorn


[Today 04:57 PM] sweet apple*pie: about 3 weeks, but still a nice break

[Today 04:57 PM] Astrologer4U: Nasheed, you a Scorpio to?

[Today 04:56 PM] sweet apple*pie: Sping meaning January....

[Today 04:55 PM] Zulile: til spring!! lucky you! enjoy the time off

[Today 04:55 PM] sweet apple*pie: LA...I am on a break now from final exams are next week, and then Im done till Spring!! Thank you Jesus
lovealexandria said:
what R water signs about

Peace and Blessings, lovealexandria!

It is not so much what Water signs are about, as much as it is what Water signs mean. Water, Fire, Air and Earth signs all have their different meanings. I am certain that Sistah Astrologer4U (as well as others) can explain it in much more detail, and even correct me on what I have to say, but I will touch on my personal viewpoint(s) from each element. By the way, you could always do your own research and find out what these signs mean.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

People under these signs are emotional, laid back to an extent, and very sensitive. They are more likely to want to establish personal relationships with people.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

People born under these signs live a much more 'serious' lifestyle. They are least likely to be in the business of "game-playing" and joking around. They are determined, and more likely to want to get things done. I may also add they possess a high degree of jealousy, but we won't go there! lol (Again - this is my perception from past experience; you could always look these up to find out what they really mean)

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

People born under these signs are some of the calmest, bravest (then again, I also know some Cancers and Pisces' who are brave) people you would ever meet. They are least likely to ignore you and project negative body language, have a great respect and appreciation for nature; it is hard to go wrong with many Air signs. Not to be biased, but from personal experience, I have found Libras to be the easiest people to deal with, and the hardest to go against. An argument can be made that all signs are nice in their ways, but I feel as though Air signs are the nicest, and kindest.

Aires, Leo, Sagittarius

People born under these signs are possibly the tougest to deal with. They are very physically active, get around more, can be very impatient, very competitive, least likely to want to "settle" with 'a' personal relationship, last likely to stay in one place; it would take a high degree of tolerance to deal with Fire signs. (By the way, I am a Fire sign) These people are very honest, but some can be too honest to the point where they are subject to hurt others. They care about others, and do well showing it.

As I said, you can always find these out for yourself. I was just giving my perception of each element, and I hope I gave you some idea of what a Water sign is, or means.

If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to ask!


Aires, Leo, Sagittarius

People born under these signs are possibly the tougest to deal with.

it's tough love man



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