Black People : Reading Between the Lines - What is the Message?

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by medusanegrita, Mar 30, 2010.

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    It's time to go Welsing - and you know Welsing was all about reading between the lines and deciphering the codes of white imperialism, patriarchy, racism, their methods of survival, among several other things.

    Well now it's all about movies. And more. What the heck are these people saying and why? It is about us? About them? About everybody?

    I've noticed over the last several years, many movies have dealt with the end coming, or some end-of-human catastrophy.

    The most recent movie that people often align with black people is Avitar

    Children of men was about how a white guy was trying to save a black women and her baby in a post-apocolyptic world where no one was having babies. A similar theme was played out in episode of the The Outer Limits, where no could have babies but the people who had gotten pregnant was a black couple. The government made them volunteer for them, took their baby, experimented on them and other people, and tried to force their procreation to understand why these black people could have babies when no one else could.

    In the movie 2012, Bro O sentiments summed up the most compelling part of the movie for me
    In the movie Knowing, there were few (if any) black people, but what stood at the end of this movie was a young white boy and a young girl left to repopulate the world in a new place. White people. No darkies.

    And in a video someone posted about Ankhur posted about Avitar, one thing stood out that I hadn't just below my conscious mind... when white people sought spirituality, they never went to their 'white' land like Moscow, or Europe or Australia. They went to Africa. They went to India. They tried to get it among the Native Americans. Never themselves. I've seen the argument melanin is has a higher spiritual frequency, therefore darkskinned people have a higher spiritual frequency than white skin. I don't really believe this... but it might be an argument to consider in context.

    So what is the message? Are some these movies paying homage to the Original Black Mother and the Original Black Land? Are they scared that they may really becoming extinct and seek to extend kinship outside of the world, leaving the dark people to inhabit this continent?

    And am I the only one is kinda looking forward to 2012? Either nothing will happen or everything will change as we know it (note italics). I don't think it will be the end of the world, but if things change it will change in ways that.... maybe there will actually be an end to white power and privilege.

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    the change happens within you,

    you know what you have been told tpo do or not do, eat or no eat drink or not drink,

    it is up to you wthere 2012 will be the end or the beginning

    one fact, is that there will be an earthquake in NYC
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    and while we're at it, let's not forget all the movies seemingly designed to program the mind of the black man to save the white race. Especially related to biomedical catastrophes, astronomical crisis or political/gov't fall-out...there is a BLACK MAN to save the day!

    Saving the white woman and child no less...

    The media and that "just tv" or "entertainment" on the boob tube is the primary weapon for programming. Messages are then reinforced in school and social/emotional interactions.