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    Read the poetry
    By Andre Austin

    If you walked in my shoes
    Man you would just know my blues
    I bring good news for those that accuse
    I put the water on the fuse; Now happy is the Pews

    Ears and Eyes now can see
    Two, double Zero and last of three
    Shall bring we and sometimes me
    To a thing called Free; the way it was meant to be

    No more words of attack; whites or blacks
    Or talking behind each other’s backs
    Hold the rope of hope and give it some slack
    A new year of peace no one gets whacked

    Mr. E the test I think you got a pass
    Your skills on par saved your ***
    Art recognize Art for the most part
    Don’t let anyone take it apart and use it for darts
    Very talented and I’m impressed
    Prince said, “Let it go” and I’m not stressed
    So welcome to the ghetto

    You can keep the war on but I’m on new things
    The Bee traded for honey in place of scorpion stings

    They wouldn’t have complained if I was ignorant to the games
    Or If I didn’t have an effect
    But when my Net takes their gain
    The revolution will not be televised videotaped reject

    I stay invisible but never miserable cuz I see
    They think I’m dangerous so I stay off TV

    If you could of seen my smile
    You could never say I was cold no not my style
    I’m cool cuz I’m Hip
    Love is on my lips
    But all I get everyday is these slavery whips

    If I ever got a microphone
    Or a tree for my books
    People would be shook
    All lies would be buried like bones

    They thought I was a Cat
    So in my sleep was fed a Rat
    My life was plotted for death with a wooded Bat
    Also chased a flying fleshing eating Bat

    Cats with nine lives stay alive
    And along with not one but nine shots
    The Market exchange of food from pot
    The hole in my stomach lost its knot

    I got the bomb guess what it’s a pen
    The war is over when I say When
    And so its near its here my dear no need to fear
    Peace declared in this New Year

    I’m not afraid to die I know the sky
    That’s why I don’t have to lie
    Blacks robed of their history
    We Ghost wrote for Moses and Jesus in our own mystery

    Stolen legacy from the banks of the Nile
    Its cut in stone or in a papyrus file
    Read too many books that’s my real crime
    That’s why I’m invisible for this period of time

    If I was mediocre
    I would have never caught the attention of:
    The Media, Morons, Mecca, Masons and other M’s too
    They are afraid my manifesto of the trial papers is true, true
    Will free all of the melanin crew
    And the true veil of the true Madonna
    Trade falsehood away and accept whats true

    So I conclude the lynching starts in the schools
    Its not a secret but a clue
    And now its posted news
    Now you know the partial blues
    Misdiagnosis intentionally crafted to break the rules
    Trying to put me in permanent cement shoes
    Telling it like it is cuz I’m no fool

    Cuz if your cool your in heaven of shades
    Escaped the boiling waters of fire in Hades
    Where is the center
    Its top for saints its bottom for sinners
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    :) ni see this is how you start the new year off! that was really good. really deep. i like what you had to say and the way you said it.
    ~very nice ryhmes too!

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    Reading lines and in between!

    God blessed you with much knowledge I am glad I didn't sleep on this piece...I love the exchange of knowledge be it a quiet simple flo or a slam that's battle ya know...some like to be spoon fed on soft food and not solid...but I like Truth whole truth not watered down and that's how you brang it...Much props to you ...Mystery scribe nice to read ya!

    Blessings On Ya House!
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    u said it str8 from da love of GOD .......ring in da year wit love
    to all i loved dis here ..Keep talking
  5. Destee

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    betwixt and between
    :wave: Haaaaaaaaaaay AACOOLDRE :wave:

    Happy New Year My Brother :toast:

    You are such a talented writer ... with so much knowledge and wisdom to share. Thank you for this peace.

    You know what Dre ... I've been wanting to invite you to have your own column here on Destee for some time. I must admit, when reading your work in the other forums, I'm often lost and confused. This is directly related to my own lack of knowledge and not necessarily your writing. You often speak on things I know nothing about. If I took the time to study, I'm sure I'd understand better. Even though I've not understood everything ... I believe there is much wisdom in the words you share and I'd be honored if you'd accept a room in this house to store them ... your words ... for all to see, read and learn right along with me! Maybe you could break it down in a way that makes it easy for even the most challenged (me) to understand. There is no financial compensation for this, all I have to give in return is my gratefulness. Please let me know what you think. You are more than welcome to email me with your response ... [email protected].