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    Date: 3/2/2014
    To: Minister Farrakhan
    From: Andre Austin
    RE: Reaction to Saviors Day 2014
    I was disappointed with your performance in Detroit at the Saviors day convention. We will not advance with hate, greed and envy. The Koran states that Allah only is Divine something you have missed applied to yourself and your founders. This letter stays private with me not to be published on my blog or Facebook wall and all future letters unless I change my mind.
    Satanism is the creation of the New Testament by the orders of three white Roman Emperors: Vespasian, Titus and Domitian. They are the real Trinity the Koran V: 76 condemns and Catholics in the inner circle hide as a secret and mystery. The three combined killed over a million Jews and others. The three were sadist, homosexuals and did other sex crimes with prostitutes. They had the New Testament produce as an alternative to the messianic Christians: Zealots and Sicarii who refused to worship Caesar. So Caesar created a new Christianity with a messiah that was nonviolent and submitted taxes to Rome. The fictional Jesus ministry was a parody of Titus military campaign. Jesus was a composite figure designed to get the people to worship and Obey Caesar by another name than himself. So when you represent Christianity to defend and support Satan’s work. The book Caesar’s Messiah proves this point.
    I followed your speech and I was disturbed that your priority of money supersedes human life. Having a war with the Jews because they manipulate and take advantage of Black people’s economy over attended the Civil war blacks inflict upon each other is unwise. I don’t know the statics of last year’s homicide rate but let’s say 8 thousands blacks killed 8 thousand black men compared to 10 white men killing a black. A fool would be the one focusing on the latter. Nobody is oppressing black people but black people. No one is stopping us from going to the library and improving our minds. We don’t have the right to kill because we are poor. Did you not read the Koran: “Kill not your children on a plea of want” 6:151. I didn’t hear you talk about abortion one time in your speech but you went on to condemn homosexuals like they were some lepers or something. It’s more important to talk about abortion than gays because the black women is killing off our race, Hollywood wants them to be lesbians or marry a white man to dominate them. Gays represent 3% of USA population and most lesbians are bi-sexual and have kids. However, you the demogue state they will kill off the human race by not reproducing. We got 7 billion on the planet now and within a hundred years we will double to 14 billion. The Vatican is palpable to me because of the consistent stance against abortion; but they aren’t divine and neither is the NOI.
    I’ve lived with 5 different women in my house and I don’t know how more public that is to be with a women. I even had a lady from London who visited me twice and wanted to marry, but I wanted to remain an International lover until I found MS. Right. I’m single for now and I shouldn’t have to be with a woman 24-7 without being accused by U or the NOI of being gay. Staying out of the bedrooms of peoples is good advice to the Government and religious institutions. Religious organization uses this as a strategy to try to discredit people who tell the truth. Muhammad exempted himself above five wives to 12 and dealt with them in rotation in their tents. He had his men torcher and kills a Jewish Treasury and then forced his widow to marry him. The Jews turned Ham's ’yes into homosexual eyes and used this as justification to enslave black people. Black people should have disassociated themselves from this Old Testament. The Jews didn’t talk to God in order to produce their book they stole the ideas from Egyptian priest. The majority of the Old Testament stories are Egyptian stories they just replaced their names with Jewish names.
    I love you guys, many of you are so **** talented like Nuri, Abdul and others. You guys could really turn things around if you target correctly and focus was adjusted. Farrakhan shouldn’t encourage men to die or be killed so that Blacks can have an economic advantage. It reminds me of the song you created back in the day “White man’s heaven is a Blackman’s Hell”. It was good until I got to the end where you wanted to reverse the condition and give the white man hell. Let’s strive to produce life for all unless you want to stay stuck into the hate that hate produced. Rise above it all. The choice is yours Apostle of Love or Apostle of Hate. It’s one or the other you can’t be both. Don’t be that guy when your own your death bed and have “The synagogue of Satan” and “those **** homosexuals” as your last words.
    Andre Austin
    PS: A.I wish those UFO stories were true of outer space Black men coming down to visit us. It would be motivation to send black students to science and math class and conquer engineering, trigonometry, calculus and all the other higher learning they fear. But make it clear God doesn’t need a mother plane shaped like a wheel with smaller planes to drop bombs on white folks to save black people from the Caucasians. God just gives the word “Be and it is”. His command is like a single act, when his word is given he slays the beast.
    B. Stop telling black people they are the Old Testament slaves to be for 430 years in the USA. That’s a false victim trap we don’t need to be in. C I forgot the name of the student minister who gave the expose on the corruption of the Popes. I went running to the library to confirm that a Pope put on trial a cadaver Pope. Pope Stephen VI was no vicar of Christ . D More black Africans died under Arab hands bleeding to death attempting to be made eunuchs for slavery than Jews died in Nazi Germany. E. And I want to thank you for giving me the fuel, and inspiration to write the following stories, essays:
    1.Crime Pays
    2. Merchant of Chicago
    3. All praises are due
    4. Nation of Islam review
    5. The Signifying Muslim
    6. The other Malcolm & Remembering Malcolm
    7. The Rise of Islam
    8. The Evolution of Satan
    9.Comming out the Closet
    10. poem “The devil is everywhere” I wrote this when FBI tried to suggest while they thought I was sleep to join the NOI.
    The majority of these article were inspired due to the derogatory comments of my Great uncle who is now deceased Russell Nicks.