Black Positive People : Reaching Next-Gen African-American Consumers

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    As a cultural strategist, I am often struck by the lack of information and insight around next-generation black consumers.

    This is missed opportunity. There is money to be made, social currency to gain and brand relevance to enhance by understanding and connecting with millennial and Gen Z African Americans.

    An influential demographic

    According to Nielsen, next-gen blacks are social-media leaders: They are the meme generators, the colorful web commentators. These generations of African Americans are also leading the way in forging new models for music distribution. For example, Chance the Rapper has rocketed to great success without a record label. His critically acclaimed "Coloring Book" is a streaming-only album, which may become the first Grammy-winning album released without a record label and without a mechanical version. He built his audience through social media and SoundCloud mixtapes. Black millennials like Issa Rae and Donald Glover are providing fresh and innovative content with their hit TV series, HBO's "Insecure," and FX's "Atlanta," respectively. Both shows provide very contemporary, quirky views of black life that younger audiences have responded to in record numbers.

    The strength of this group is not necessarily their number but their influence, as well as spending and media use compared to other groups.

    The influence of next-gen African-Americans is undeniable when you look at social media language (slang words and phrases like "clapback," "squad goals," "lit," and "dragged"), in music (Trap) and viral dances (Juju).

    This group shapes consumerism and, in many instances, mainstream culture like no other.

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