Black Poetry : Reached his destination but his train arrived late had to dive into a plate of spaghetti and ate after he was done with his team he come upon the scen


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May 11, 2006
Reached his destination
but his train arrived late
had to dive into a plate
of spaghetti and ate
after he was done with his team
he come upon the scene
with a Hip Hop book unseen
by many that go on stages
and it had plenty pages
never turned which amazes
some, had to clear his mind
because its very near in time
to achieve success
now see a girl wanna squeeze her breasts
so he had to rap
and talk mad crap
in VIRGINIA BEACH at the tip top
“SO LOOK BOO sex breasts and potions
could lead to an excess of emotions
a heart could burst
and a body part would thirst
like a crate of fruit
need cake from a cute
they can date he's not a brute
NAW PLAYER: my breasts are intimidation
best use the process of elimination
to find the right boy I guess he win
my lips at the end of this love trip and then
we date oh my panties are so hot and thin
men plot to win bed time
so she stay ready to run
boys sweaty and wanna have fun
it's a street threat
got her feet wet
wearing TIMS
she's not sharing them
with anyone above the rim
riding in a blue hummer
eating a cucumber
in Virginia Beach number
in his cell phone now call her
look she was in high school
there textbooks exist cool
thirst for romances
under adverse circumstances
teachers tasks balloon
in features in class rooms
a boy always carry her books
to class and try for a date crooks
not allowed, she's adorn by a kiss
and unicorns do exist
NAW PLAYER: I prevail with lace
at a snail's pace its jest a race
against time right here online
from your tone of voice
you home by choice
hope you have a strong horse
like the LONE RANGER and Tornto
kim mo sobby
above the rim in the lobby
sex a wise treasure
if it's for exercise or pleasure
she remember a boy kissed her lips
made her hot a lot took a brisk trip
to love land
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Her pie pink
and a boy is an eye blink
from scoring
she need some adoring
he start sweet
as her heartbeat
fast, smart on the street
girls throw darts at her feet
out of jealousy, girl you nice
and fine want you for a lifetime
do you want ice in your wine?
No your flow swarm like a snowstorm
it covers while I discovers rock salt harm
a pave road you probably crave for a load
of sex huh? No doubt cake
is an outbreak of some great
loving, but don't forget the mask
covid 19 has a tendency to smash
look he's on the computer and wise
his brain is supersized
like a truck flowing nasty
with a towing capacity
This is Black Hip Hop in Virginia Beach
and he's at the tip top here to teach
try be romantic and gigantic like
the Titanic in nice words his hype
hit an ice berg and the funk sunk
her pie has vapors
and like skyscrapers
it cast long shadows over parks
it cast long shadows over parks
and look them boy dogs barks
girl you like grapes rush to crush
to make red wine and its bed time
for me and you boo, oh yeah true
girl want you to be mine
your body has redefine
my imagination yall
now fragmentation all
in my brain, got this New York crew
and we use a corkscrew
to open peach bubbly
can somebody teach me how to dougie?
Learned how to reach folks never ugly
you a brown Soul Sister attractive and
fine have an active mind need a plan
that'll land us both on a date so I demand
a kiss boo, an energetic relation can
end up a poetic creation like Peter Pan
got facts and they flow well
so I'm headed back to the hotel
riding on gravel from the lab
left car travel in a cab
NAW PLAYER my panties are wet
a little you may get to fiddle yet
the night is young and I bet
you want some


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