Black Spirituality Religion : Re: 'First-Resurrection' Myths and the Discord in the AA Muslim Community

SAMURAI36 said:
Brother, in all honesty, is this really worth it? I suspect that you and I have far much more in common (both being student of T.H.E.M.), than we have different.

I'm sure you know the Supreme Math? The number 8 has 2 aspects: let's focus on the constructive aspect, rather than the destructive.


That was a respectful invitation to reason with one another. I can't wait to see the response. :look:
please, Ms./Mr. SAMURAI36, either provide evidence or, admit you were mistaken.

solomon7 said:
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Originally Posted by SAMURAI36
Thanks for once again, NOT answering my question.

I'll give up on further seeking and answer from one who does not have it.


To what question do you refer that, I have NOT answered?


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