Health and Wellness : Raw Protein could be key for the prevention of cancer, covid, hiv and other diseases?


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Dec 31, 2009
This is only my personal opinion and of course I am not a doctor but I believe that raw Protein powders can help prevent colds, flu and maybe even cancer and aids/hiv. I have been consuming raw foods for the past two decades and it seem to help but recently I had tried raw Protein powders for the first time about two weeks ago and right away I noticed a difference in energy and strength and it also improved my complexion and thicken my hair a bit. I know doctors have disclaimers about taking protein powders but I really feel that raw Protein powders really work. If you look at the ingredient list on raw Protein powders there is no way you can eat that amount of food in one sitting. Everyone living in the United States are basically just living on the standard american diet which is filled with empty calories. And maybe that's what the powers that be want. They want us on a diet that keep us sick, sickly or weak so they can rule over us and make a profit as well. According to Bard chat bit under nutrition can lead to diseases like stunting, wasting, marasmus and kwashiorkor. Over nutrition can lead to obesity, heart disease, stroke, type two diabetes and some types of cancer. Malnutrition can weaken the immune system making it more difficult for the body to fight off infection, including pneumonia, diarrhea and malaria. But the most shocking part is that if you think that you are malnutritious you have to keep eating right for several months or maybe even a year before you can get back healthy. This means that there has got to be a bunch of people out there specifically in the black community getting infected with colds, flu or covid because they are not eating a proper diet.


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