Black Poetry : Rapping To A Girl

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    Rapping To A Girl

    See a girl attractive and smart ready to take and active part
    In love talk I stay legit don’t want to play the hypocrite start
    To rap, “girl your body mad built and that add milk to my tea
    Don’t want your cake to melt let me take steps in getting to see
    You to bed quick lips so red and slick wearing blue skirt should
    Let me do work up under that boo? My rap expands it’ll be good
    If you adapt plans to suit our circumstance have an absolute romance
    At your crib or mine we can live divine in sex” “RHYME no chance
    I live and learn while boys give sperm and that will turn a girl’s life
    Into a concerned world of strife nine months later like a hurled knife
    Time is an illusion club wine an intrusion may need a blood transfusion
    To calm my strong chromosomes take domino’s home as a pizza solution
    Pepperoni could help the horny my hips and lips sprung and like spaceships
    Hung in the sky and walk among the fly RHYME want pie laced and stripped
    My wet days has a number should stay with a plumber a mixed up dame
    He can fix up my drain, coochee wet and nice have no regrets in life tame
    Yet the strife in boys who play dice and toys with it boys got a rocket
    For my hot chocolate if I drop it like a hot and spinning like a sprocket
    On a bicycle wheel, you rapping about my breast it jest so happen I’m not
    Dressed for it, oh my head get royal friction for the loyal opposition they plot
    To make me hot and my body can’t take a lot of kissing cooche get ate up
    You wanna take an odd try with your luck while I modify my conduct
    No lie the results could be a smooching situation end up in bed stuck
    So heads up to sex I’m shook dame and you took aim at my delicious cake
    Hope you not a suspicious fake, know I look complex and soft, but too late
    About to put the sex off until another date, sex talk addle my head you think
    I should saddle the bed let you straddle my legs and put a hot **** in my sink
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    really like this one , tyte drop love the ending part.