Black Poetry : Rapping on and off Stage

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    Rapping on and off Stage

    Rhymes make random kills had to abandon my skills
    Anger is danger I’m no stranger to that, must take pills
    To control my temper make it bold and simpler I kick
    *** and got a sick pass, nobody can harm my plan quick
    Ear arm band for slick decoration I could wreck a nation
    With truth and politics jump on roofs with sticks and devastation
    Just to mingle with shingles and cause leaks in your living room
    Stuff squeeze minds and leave behind and old car with a bold
    Scar somewhere in an empty parking lot wimpy and sparkling hot told
    The cops it shine fine because of them rims, look had a plot existing
    But stop insisting for a girl’s hand in marriage plan is savage twisting
    A prenuptial the wrong way it was a long day of discussions after kissing
    Changed my mind these are strange times for a hook up not missing
    Anything got plenty bling and a girlfriend that hurl and spin booty
    Stressing on course to lessen the force of my voice while on duty
    To talk about my affairs no doubt some compares to criminology
    By using dim psychology on chicks and dissects microphones in biology
    Fight fatigue to unite a league of rappers with intrigued chapters
    Lyrical geniuses as crafters go fishing bait hooks and catch snappers
    But getting a whack tone **** it’s a crack in the microphone
    Sound crummy feel like a renowned dummy in a psycho zone
    “Look I’m seeing and being sincere what we gonna do in here
    ‘dawg? This is a joke man ““yeah just ducked a coke can fear
    For my life their making it known that faking on the microphone
    Is wrong dang I am not taking home knots and bruises plus home alone?
    Better duck rhyme” “dawg what was that?” dang bologna sandwich
    With a slice of cheese think we’re not nice MC’S really doing damage”
    “Oh **** duck dawg” “what was that rhyme dang plate of black-eyed peas
    This is whack why these?” “See a girl in wig sweet tits in big heat knees
    So smooth” “hey duck rhyme what was that?” two big pig feet oh please”
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    Rappers delight this was tyte....