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    Rappers & Pimps
    by. Carol Williams

    Can somebody explain to me how pimping is helping Hip Hop? How is this helping us as Black people? How is it helping Hip Hop culture? Where are our so-called black leaders, now? And why have they seemingly chosen to be silent around this modern day minstrel show being perpetuated by our young black rappers (for all of America to see)? Clearly, Snoop, 50 cent and all thier cohorts actually have the temerity to believe that white america is laughing with them, and not at them. Why are these bruthas parading legions of pimps around on stage with them during thier shows? Farrakahn, Jessie, Al, Jim Brown (I know he has his issues but the brutha is definantly conscious), somebody needs to pull these young bloods to the side and put them in check, and explain to them how much of a dis-service they are doing us as a people. Because once again, Black America is being openly and eagerly exploited. Like too many rappers, Snoop has a big bankroll and low self-esteem. Rather than aspire to be something more than his great musical skills helped him to escape, Snoop wants to emulate the high-living style of a lowlife. The life blood of hip hop comes from the minds and souls of African American culture. So, in many ways we (African Americans) are responsible for what Hip Hop becomes and the imagery that comes with it.

    So, lets cut to the chase.

    What the hell is a pimp anyway? Being a pimp relies on mastering the minds of women. I'm not talking about strong willed women with a firm spiritual base. I'm talking about scared,confused, vulnerable, financially unstable women with low concepts of self. How much talent does it take to manipulate a woman with those characteristics? It boggles me how mastering the mind of a weak woman seems so impressive to other men.
    The truth of the matter is that pimps, in all reality are very creative thinkers. They are fluid speakers and they have the gift to see into peoples minds. Yet they are in truth, cowards. Why do I say this? Because coward by definition means "One who shows ignoble fear in the face of danger or pain". So what do pimps fear? What would cause them danger or pain? Dealing with the American system, and dealing with other men causes pimps psychological fear. They cannot deal with strong men. So, they prey on weak women. What admirable talent is there in that? If you called yourself a hunter, but you could only catch wounded birds, who would look up to you? These men hunt spiritually, mentally and physically abused women. Therefore, a pimps "mastery" over their women means nothing. Imagine if these brothers used their gifts of speech and their understanding of human nature for a higher purpose in the hood? The sad part is, they have the talent, skillz and the ability to do so. But
    they won't do the homework it takes to succeed like Marcus Garvey. They lack the fearless courage and discipline of Malcolm X. They do not have the desire to uplift those with broken souls like Frederick Douglass. Confronting the source of their ghetto lifestyle is too hard to do. It takes serious courage, research and strategy to be a successful Black man in America. In fact, pimping IS EASY. You know what they call it when a man uses his brain to have other men pay him for things? Business!! These pimps are afraid to be true businessmen. Ironically, many of today's newest generation of pimps were born just about the time Malcolm X died. It is no coincidence that with the fear the savage murders of Malcolm X and MLK Jr. put in the minds and hearts of Black America, pimp culture reached it's highest heights. It was shortly after the civil rights movement fell apart that brothers started pimping HARDER than ever. The rise of pimp culture was further glamorized in film and music industries like never before (until now). Many young Black males, out of ignorance and fear turned to pimping. They did not have an understanding of themselves as Black men, and were afraid to take on the American system (which they also did not understand). Now, I will not sit up here and say that pimping is only a Black problem. All people from all nations of the world have engaged with pimping since the dawn of time. But, the truth is that when most people in America and around the world think of a pimp- they think of a Black man. Outside of that stereotype, as an African American woman, I feel it is important that we erase the culture of pimping as much as we can from the Black community. African American women deserve better than this (all women deserve better than this!). Black men owe us (sisters) better than this legacy. How do we look to the rest of the world when we still engage in "the worlds oldest profession", while the rest of the planet is talking about wireless communication, international space stations and Internet infrastructure? I thought Hip Hop was “revolutionary”?Too many young men and women from all walks of life are being distracted from the real roots of success in life through Hip Hop "pimp game". The truth of the matter is, that pimps are the only one's in "the game". The rest of the world ain't playin'. Most other people of this world take life very seriously and continue to move swiftly forward in terms of technology, culture and business. I hope the true pimps and wanna be pimps find the courage in themselves and in God, to step away from the Black pimp myth, and become the real Black man they were born to be. We need those minds for a greater cause.
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    I personally believe that, hip-hop is training black men and women; children and teens, that it's okay to be ignorant.
    Sure, not "all" hip-hop, but the vast majority especially what everybody's listening to is.
    The only people who will deny it are the one's who are not ready to give it up.