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Apr 1, 2001
Rap Truths

Make it known in detail how a home get derail like a train on a track
Maintain sanity but cut no slack
Silly remarks are whack a Philly blunt turns to crack that’s a fact
Don’t carry the stuff in my backpack
Tear down a central tower with my mental power can’t explain this act
My brains intact my conduct is influenced by my endurance to snap back
Crap get smack in a rap attack can’t see me because my FUBU cap is black
Lead you to my point of view feed and anoint your crew with flavor
Slew bad behavior
I knew your problem was major
Shrewd with attitude but you can’t elude the fact of my illness
Stack and fill this world with rhymes leave you crying in the wilderness
Like baseball with runs bat in I’ve pull guns and gat men but life is
My intended receiver select group of friends protects my dividends
Done my math but run down a path of destruction **** the river ends
Deliver bad trends became frustrated as fame faded but able to express
And stable stress HBO cable is the best for reality stories don’t test
Convey remedy in my rhymes stay ripping the enemy with my lines
Minds buckle under the expression of surprise aggression rise and trinity finds
You sleeping be not afraid only believe and retrieve the truth of all kinds
I reach goals, teach souls and preach to foes here goes another one



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