Black Poetry : Rap to fans and adapt plans to meet new circumstances then speak get true romances and get a crew of chances to get dates this add milk to his thrilli


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May 11, 2006
Rap to fans
and adapt plans
to meet new circumstances
then speak get true romances
and get a crew of chances to get dates
he wanted good luck
so he stood up
to rap to a chick
and needed a map quick
was lost for words
facts in a dimension
but they attract attention
he could be there all night
trying to fall right
in love with a girl
many hugs in her world
he has stats galore
but someone at the door
wow that could be her boyfriend
wanna ride enjoy the wind
he wanna drop in after work
and watch disaster perk
in the bed he stay alert
aware of the season
and there's no reason
not to ride a bike
have to hide the hype
use a sheet of paper
to write street vapor
my dew-rag is clean
but like a magazine
alert folks
when he insert quotes
convince with a smile
got an immense pile
of love talk, a whole mile
of love, this kid hot in the street
running did not get much sleep
oh much to her surprise
he wanna touch her pies
then clutch her thighs
use tongue while the juice flies
she tries leave its too late
he realize she have true cake
oh he jest kissed her lips
his quotes are fiery
notes in his diary
can get some strange cake
if he don't arrange his dates
look he met girl and want some lace
and ready to come face to face
and ready ask for some in front
of FOOD LION he thought the hunt
was over had founded a chick
but things went downhill quick
ran out of words
his plans was absurd
their eyes met
her pies wet
he tries to get
some, his body sweat
and carry chopsticks
her body get hot quick
like ramen noodles and egg
oh a KOREAN GIRL on the edge
go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH
this tells of a deep tale
but like a steep trail
there's potholes
hope my plot holds
it can get bumpy
like JAMES BROWN can make it funky
oh KOREAN GIRLS go through a lot
but her body do get hot
in a few spots
“it hard to be true and humble
and trek through a jungle
girl I bet your panties wet”
NAW PLAYER“well that's how they get
if you kiss my lips with charm
it could trip an alarm
this script is not the norm
Really it grows like a farm
you a hot guy to manage
wanna Popeye chicken sandwich
rushed love today hurt brain
like being crushed by a subway train
oh gosh need some stats
mine have become flat
wow where the dumb at?
Look she flirt around
and keep her skirt down
boys wanna lift
and gonna sniff
her perfume mind drift
into the bedroom its swift
“LOOK BOO I'm biking in the wind
but like a recycling bin
have to wash and squash cans
oh gosh got eggs in a pan
its a hot day
we can have some chop chae
now too hot to lay
down, the deepness of hope
is like the steepness of a slope
it could be downhill or broke
got words in my brain but choke
when I ride a horse need a plain rope
to cope with the gallop
tote scallops?
Don't like them nope
oh he wanted some real bad
“comes to sex concern about religion
must make firm decision
to do or not to do
so you a hot boo and I will
now lets go to the car for awhile
not far less than a mile
away girl what you say boo?”
“NAW PLAYER, I must stay true
wow I gave a boy some he split
the backseat getting some it
was an affair
he threw my panties in the air
he had a raw perm
and work at a law firm
and really a flaw could burn
his pride, ate Cole slaw as a intern
about ready to make a hot choice
and scream to the top of my voice
grab a saddle trot on a horse
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