Black Poetry : Rap stats that slap cats dang don't rather this a cap or hat Is got on my head, a cap is a fashion p


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May 11, 2006
HE SAID: Rap stats that slap cats dang don't know rather this a cap or hat
I got on my head, a cap is a fashion piece it bring passion at
a feasts, could be part of a uniform as my art storm on pages
of war, need to comb my hair my dome don't compare to rages
society has to offer, comes to knowledge I prevail with load
like a railroad my train roll down tracks with renown facts and code
whack cats go fishing so no pissing on this HIP HOP missing a list
of true players, darkness did not stop the progress ready to reminisce
see a girl with hot breasts I wanna kiss “SO BOO we can date I won't
demand cake we jest hold hands and take a walk after all this don't
require us to lip lock even though it's BLACK HIP HOP your boyfriend
will understand” “SHE SAID: “naw player I don't think so, I been
there done that I know where the fun at oh well nope he probably
got a telescope looking this way” “ OH WOW no kiss today boo?
Got pride and hype ride a bike and drive a truck and survive true
with luck, or we can get the drop top I'm a hot shot the choice
is yours the CD voice soars, nothing but a car-wash like ROLLS ROYCE
I'm brown coco and phat and like a photostat my statistics are ballistic
so boys go downtown and kiss it, they never miss it, don't get it twisted
they hound the world to find a brown girl oh wow fun coco run them loco
now this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH got cake to be reached but bozo
boys wanna make a speech or a great preach to get some, one boy wanna cake
date can't confirm that and like a thermostat body temp rose and inflate
like a basket-ball it get drastic yall like bad instructions again they begin to hate
OK I'm Brown Soul Sista in a mini-dress got plenty breast and a brown round butt
must have fun and he just begun to kiss my lips when I walk twist my hips cup
of tea await,” “ONE BOY took me to a groovy movie thought about my pies and
caught me by surprise didn't know this was a cake date but now too late no plan
oh he jest kissed my lips right there in the theater oh I couldn't go anywhere
hot and adorn wanted pop corn with butter, a touch with lips so wet down there
boys wanna clutch my hips as a sign of love one blind hug when that happen
after some phat rapping start to rub my thighs and love my eyes dew-rag overlapping
his head, get eye scrimmages from a set of images off the screen wanna scream
because my panties are wet need tissue for this issue he jest kiss my lips extreme
He was so sprung then I hung tongue down his throat mess around get choked oh
my mini-skirt was up oh plenty work and butt to strut he wanted some said oh no
movie finished I left but panties wet doe, peace while rapping sex cease to happen”
HE SAID: “OK BOO we on sandy shores candy galore drink brandy and scores yapping
to girls it's cake and funk like a lake front it's wet we can build sand castles don't
understand hassles like DRAKE this a ROLLY not a stop watch plus I play hop-scotch won't
never stop got a clever plot help load the episode dealing with love affairs I'm a dog
barking hot fly at the bar and my car in the parking lot it's a love frenzy in the fog
and spud McKenzie is a dog,
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