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Feb 9, 2001
All I can say in response to your post, @Symbol of America is........I have to respect your opinion but it's not the same as mine and that's okay. I don't blame animals that are raised as food for the plight of Black people's employment because it's not their fault, they are victims of circumstance just as we are, in my opinion. They are used, like us, to make money for corporate America and lose their lives in the process.

My mother used to tell me, when choosing a man, always look how they treat the women in their lives and animals. That was important to her and it became important to me as well because it made sense for me. What I know, what I was taught and what I feel is to treat animals with respect and to care what happens to them and to know that they have the capacity to care about you too, if you treat them well.

My mother taught me that and raised me from knee high on up to have pets and to take care of them. She did...would bathe and nurse them when they were sick as she would her patients, as she was a registered nurse and we couldn't afford to take them to a vet all the time. I watched her, I watched how our pets responded to her and I learned and it made me feel good to be able to love other living things, like her.

I have pets to this day--no, not chickens, but even if I did, it wouldn't change how I would treat. It's just in my make up. They may be a food source but do you have to cram them in cages like these mega corporations in the food industry do? I don't like Black people being treated that way and I don't like those conditions for animals either.

So, PETA or not and whatever criticisms people have about the organization, fine. It's not worth it to me to argue that point. But before I even knew about them, I have felt this way about animals. I recently saw the movie, "The Art of Racing in the Rain" and I knew just how the main character felt about his dog.

Anyway, thanks for posting.


going above and beyond
Feb 9, 2001
Actually maam my comment, post or whatever you wish to label such was not even an opinion but just tongue in cheek humor which you obviously took the wrong way so I'll just apologize, leave it at that and move on. No need to reply, what's done is done.
My bad...I thought you were being serious. Thanks for clearing it up and pointing out my confusion. When you wrote serve em up and extra crispy...I was like :eek: I'm so sorry I misunderstood you, SOA... please forgive me. :heart:


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Jun 14, 2018
It'd be the same as the Popeyes story except they'd run out polling stations or registration points or ballots.
Oh, wait they already done did that. Bet that's where Popeyes learned.
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