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Jan 8, 2004
Though temptations hand is plucking at my impulses to speak..I sit resolute...silent in deep contemplation on what is and what isn't; on whether I should further extend ; on whether patience is in fact a virtue; on how much longer my heart will continue to exceed what I thought to be its limitations...all in the name of love...still bowing down with my legs tucked under me at the bottom of His feet..salt like stains of rain like droppings on my face and regularly waking up to blood shot eyes that can only be vanquished with a few drops of Visine because I spend many nights waking up lamenting for you to see, touch, claim what's there...to accept what's already been confirmed to me...true love everlasting...if you know that this is rare..if you know that our love is unquestionable why contradict and question...and could it be that God is silent because the answer is obvious...what you've confessed to yourself...seeing me in your future...He too loves the thought of you and I equaling we...I wrestle with God's angel day in and day out just as David did...and though my heart gets restless some how some way Peace positions Himself in my heart and reminds me that love bears all and endures all and where love abides God abides because God is love therefore God is at the head of you and I and He abides in this thing we call you and I...and I know God is not a tease...He is not an Indian giver...He is not a deceiver therefore He would not have revealed to me that you are my perfect fit...so He wouldn't take you from me because God knows that if He did...if He did....I don't want to even contemplate if He does...I just know that pen and paper have become my solace while sitting here steadfast waiting on Him and waiting on you...for Him to deliver you and then release your heart...for Him to deliver me into your hands....so every night I lay down with the hopes of hearing your voice after this 30+ sabbatical and I pray to the One, the Father, for you and what you seek...because I love you and I will do what I can to keep your love from escaping me...


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Jun 11, 2003
Baltimore, MD
Praising The Lord
hi sevens love
what's going on
it is this flow that has
seep from your heart
that grew from your thoughts
and have given so much to think about
much love to you
this is indeed a flow that has
escape and grace this canvas
feeling the release
feeling your flow



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Oct 4, 2003
There's this feeling you get sometimes when you know God hears you but you wonder, what if by chance, he doesn't? That uncertainty can just grind on your nerves, and you convey this feeling well poet.


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Jul 8, 2003
[Big boi voice]I like the way this moves[/Big boi voice]

I felt like it was pullin me in... very nicely written


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
awesome flow this took me in deep mentally

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