Black Muslims : Ramadaan. For What?

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    The Gratitude is for Allaah The Sustainer / Lord of The Universe and The peace on who follows The Guidance.
    There is an essay on this site entitled " month of Gifts ". Id like to piggy back on it!
    The word "Ramadaan" is a word that has been attached to a month. The western world measures the passing of Time by the solar calendar, movements of the sun in relation to the earth, so the names of the months are 'january february march' and so..
    The Prophets of Allaah : Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, The Messiah Jesus, Muhammad and all others (upon them all be Peace) were taught by Allaah to measure the passing of Time by The movements of the moon, the lunar calendar. One of the names of the months in the lunar caldendar is called " Ramadaan ". The reason Time is measured by the movements of the moon is because the moon is a great magnet and uses the light of the sun to effect the changes we call seasons. The heat of the sun causes the earth to spin and also is the source of evaporation. The moon absorbs the heat of the sun and distills the heat and its light into the atmosphere sustaining temperature which causes seasons. The Most High has created the sun to distribute heat and a degree of light which causes evaporation. take an example: The suns' heat evaporates water from the seas and oceans. That evaporated water rises into the sky where Allaah The Most Glorified and Exalted 'charges' the evaporated water with light, charging it with Light and Life and then causes it to descend back into the world. we call this Rain. You can see the effect of rain. Watering your lawn from your house and water from the sky is different isn't it? The life force in Rain is clear and easily seen, smelled, understood.
    The Most High re-generates ( re: to do again. Gene : to make. ate : the state of ) water to sustain life on earth, to sustain us, our lives.
    Ramadaan is The month in which The Most High regenerates light. The word itself, means " to scorch, to make parched , to apply heat to purify ".
    The Most High purifies Light, the electromagnetic field of the universe, during this month.
    There is not a word in any language in this existence that means, "do not eat or drink ". language has used the word 'Fasting' to describe it. Yet this word really doesn't explain it. But the reason the word 'fasting' is used to describe abstinence from food and drink is because medical science and metaphysical science have observed that cellular metabolism is increased greatly, when the body is denied food and drink. Deny it long enough and one dies from starvation and thirst.
    The word in arabiyyah (i.e.arabic) for fasting is "sawm / siyaam" . Yet this word does not mean to abstain from food and drink. It literally means, " to impose force, to demand of something or someone beyond its power, to assess, to estimate, to mark by imposing with force ".
    The mechanics, operations of the human body, its systems and organs, are based on Light that is in the body, called energy. light used for a task, purpose in/by the body, is called energy. light used by your kitchen appliances is called electricity. yet it is all light. from your body its energy. paying for it, economically speaking, is called electricity. Recharged water is called Rain.
    The creation of Adam occurred in the month of Ramadaan.
    The flood of Noah occurred in the month of Ramadaan.
    The Tawraah/Torah was revealed to The Prophet Moses in the month of Ramadaan.
    The Zabuwr / Psalms of was revealed to The Prophet David in the month of Ramadaan.
    The Injiyl/ Book of Revelation was revealed to The Messiah Jesus in the month of Ramadaan.
    The Qur'aan was revealed to The Prophet Muhammad in the month of Ramadaan.
    And all of these occurrences in the month of Ramadaan occurred on the same day within the month of Ramadaan. This "day' in the month of Ramadaan is called, " laylatul Qadr ". which literally means, 'The Night of Power'. many meanings to the word power. This word for Power has to do with The Power of Decree, The power of speaking a thing into existence or speaking it out of existence. This is called, The Night of Power because in this Night The Decree of Allaah is distributed into the world. Returning to my discourse:
    Fasting in This month is something that was observed by All of The Prophets of Allaah. The meaning was to abstain from what Allaah has made lawful in order to easily abstain and avoid what was unlawful. The benefit in this kind of abstinence focused the mind and thoughts with greater intensity. In- tense be In Tense with Allaah. To be In The Perfect Present Tense with Allaah, The Creator of Life. Take an example:
    Think of someone that is hungry and thirsty. Food and drink and how to get it is The Only thing he/she would be focused on. Every cell in the body would be reaching and crying out for a morsel of food or a swallow of drink. ones ENTIRE ATTENTION would be on these thoughts. and the mind would not break from thinking of eating and drinking.
    However if one purposely denies the body food and drink, while sitting next to ones' refrigerator or pantry, opens another dimension of the mind. It creates a different atmosphere in the mind. if you focus that attention of hunger and thirst to The Rememberance of Allaah, your utter dependence on Allaah for your own creation and the creation of all things, this aligns the heart, opens the heart to truly intake the weight of light (thoughts are nodes and streams of light that flow throughout the brain tissue) then you are preparing yourself, your heart to withstand The disclosure(s) of Allaah within The Mind and Heart. The Most High IS Light. No metaphor. The Most High IS Light and your nervous system and organs are sustained by light. But if your body is full of food and drink, your mind is a treasure chest of worldly thoughts and ambitions, How can Light dwell within you? How can you experience Your light when you suffocate it with the way you gluttonously partake of the world and its entertainments? So if you deny yourself, what you have the power to obtain, this OPENS another dimension of perception and attention in your mind and heart. And to intend to realize ones' connection to The Creator is the purpose of "sawm/Siyam i.e. to IMPOSE force upon a thing. The thing you are imposing force upon is your bodily organs. you are forcing them to burn away the fat and toxins that surround your organs and mind by denying it what you have trained it to desire. The Prophet Muhammad is recorded to have said, " the strong man is not one who wrestles another to the ground. The strong man is one who can cause himself to resist urges and temptations within himself". The Messiah Jesus is recorded to have said, " Be in the world but not of it ". which means that after you satisfy what is necessary anything after that is gluttony, greed...and this is what drives us into obesity for food and desire for pleasure.
    The word Ramadaan means to scorch, to parch. This is The Month that Allaah The Most High regenerates Light. Physical light and the light of the body.
    The word Siyaam/Sawm means to impose upon something by force.
    The Holy Qur'aan instructs The Muslim to practice Siyaam during this month. And....Allaah provides the reason for it and the benefit of it. The Holy Qur'aan chapter 2 verse 183.
    We are to practice Siyaam, fasting during this month, in order to learn how to become CONSCIOUS of our Creator and live in that consciousness, to live under the influence of THAT consciousness.
    That matter only lasts 29 days. To abstain from food, drink, sexual activity and vain talk during the daylight hours!! One may eat before sunrise and then at sunset one may eat and drink and return to sexual activity (sex is lawful with ones spouse in Islaam) and enjoy these things all night if you want. but during the daylight hours, one is instructed to DEVOTE that time to remembrance of Allaah, bringing into the Mind the thoughts that make you understand your connection and purpose to your Creator. And The Most High responds to this!! The Most High is seeking to Disclose Himself to such a Mind, to a heart that is willing to purify itself so that The weight of Light can reveal the Presence of Allaah that the world makes us oblivious to.
    When you deny your belly food and drink, you force it to feed on its own fat. The heat you feel is actually your cells working to rebuild your tissues. do not call this 'hunger pains'. It is your cellular and molecular operations healing, recovering its natural state of optimum operation. if you can take your mind from that, and begin to read Qur'aan, your recitation and your Salaat will be responded to!! You will begin to be sensitive to yourself in a way that do not require being touched physically or your mind stimulated by T.v., music etc....It will cause you to see the mental pathway toward Faith, which is The Force...and purifying the body all the while!! but the real purpose is to become CONSCIOUS of Allaah; and not just assign the knowledge OF HIM to your memory or your visit to church or masjid.
    Have you noticed the Fasting of The Messiah Jesus? much of his life IS NOT IN THE BIBLE. and that which has been omitted has all to do with his detailed ways of worship to Allaah and 'Siyaam', fasting is a huge part of it. In other words, he walked on water due to the control he had over the light in his body. he did not walk on water, he walked on light generated from the soles of his feet. When he healed, he empired light from his hands into whoever he touched and his intention caused the sick to recover, to bring their physical issues back to their pure state. The word 'empire' means to flush or push fire outwardly. Pire is the greek word for fire. Expire is the same but inwardly.
    Starvation and thirst is imposing a fire within the body. The Most High, through HIS Prophets, instructs us to impose force upon ourselves, to learn how to resist, to learn how to cause your body to obey you, rather than you obeying the wants and whims of the body; that you have trained it to want. Siyaam is the training of the mind to assume power over the body... under the Guidance of its, your, Creator. The Most High created us and the foods that we consume. Why not take advice on how to bring it to its optimum health and status? Advice from The Creator. why ignore it? what do you lose in following advice from The One Who Created you? since we don't, we take pills and pay exercise gyms for the maintenance and health of the body...we continue to eat all types of things, introduce all types of things to the body in order to heal it..
    Erections fail, wombs dry, the attention span is shot, to overworked; the organs are bathed in fat and poisons and toxins , mental stress over what we want, depression over self disappointments and failures...why not try shutting your mouth for 12 hours a day and dealing with the contents of the mind. Fasting washing the brain. washes it of all the madness and strife. all the while, the true suffering and its root, is due to the lack of recalling The Most High into the mind and seeking to find HIS Presence in all that we think and do.
    I seek refuge in Allaah from Shaytaan the cursed, mistakes and misguidance and being misguided. And Allaah knows best who is upon guidance.
    please correct anything worthy of it. May Allaah increase our light!!