Black Poetry : ram in the bush


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Mar 19, 2001
Baltimore, Md.
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In the midst of your sorrows
Your pains and your joy you
Hear a voice echoing from in
The midst of your inner being;

When you felt that all that could
Go wrong has appeared you find
Yourself sittng in the middle of your
own Job type affliction wilderness;

this is when the voice cries out for
you to give up the most precious of
all that you ask and all the you seek
for nothing compares to such treasure;

He doesn’t ask for your gems of clothes,
Not your car or your home but the piece
To the puzzle that holds it all together
And gives you eternal gratification;

As you gather you things and walk your
Seed down a path designed for two but
Only created for one you wonder how if
He loves me so he would do this to me;

And you gather your stones, sticks and
Hay to prepare a place of sacrifice for
One whom you will never see again if
You’ve heard the wishes of your master;

Your turmoil is magnified, your past creeps
In like a thundering rain pouring into the
Tattered worn covering of you heart and
You shake when you look love in the eye;

Knife lifted to sacrifice your family, your
Friends, your old life for new love, even the
Most precious of all things worthy to your
Life, the seed in which you nurtured within;

As tears roll down your cheek and thoughts
Of never finding peace, lost hope for true love,
Commitment all destroyed by the words you
Hear just to follow the mustard seed of life;

You hear a voice from across the way just
Before the final strike was to appear and you
Look to see a faith born Capricorn, standing
With arms full of love, peace, serenity and joy

Reminding you that within these arms that
hold you dear is the faith of God to conquer
all and when your path looks difficult with no
way out just know that I am always with you..

your God-given ram in the bush…

You shake when you look love in the eye

loved that line

but MO you killing me man

your work is beyond words at this point and i have no more


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