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May 7, 2009
Counter-protesters rally against potential KKK march in Durham, North Carolina

That’s my city, DURHAM, North Carolina for more than 15+ years where I struggled to provide for and raise my sons but now, I’m not there because I’ve been forced out due to no job. WOW! I don’t even know how to feel, whether I should laugh or cry. My husband was injured in Hurricane Mathew this past October 8, 2016, hospitalized, surgery, then lost his job, again, with no government relief. So, what can I say about this viral news report about this Durham North Carolina Rally against White Supremacist Groups; where do I begin and how do I make this short and as brief as possible?

Well, that same governor Roy Cooper that spoke so piously against racism, wrote me up in his court document when I was fired from my job, ‘that I tried to come in the back door’, meaning, I tried to justify my argument of being fired wrongfully. THE BACK DOOR!? So well, I guess I am 2/3rd’s of a person because even though I graduated from an HBCU and passed national exams above average, I was still too dumb and untrainable to be allowed to work and earn a living to provide for my sons and support my husband. Obviously, Durham thinks that even though the medical doctors wrote that they injured me in both of my feet and neck permanently, however, because I am 2/3rd’s a person, I don’t qualify for the federal law to cover me to have any kind of compensation, and so, after being employed for seven years in Durham where DUKE UNIVERSITY has the foothold, however, North Carolina cut the cord from me completely. After seven (7) years of being employed with all ‘above average’ job reviews, being a trainer, never late, somehow, after I complained about not being able to stand on the hard floor and having severe neck spasms from looking up at the monitors constantly, and after being passed over for in-house sit-down desk job promotions, instead I was written up for ‘bad job performance’ directly after I complained about pain and within a few weeks, I was fired. Along with me, I watched about 20 other Black African Americans be fired all of whom, like me, were mostly all excellent workers and who graduated from HBCU’s, and we were replaced by military men, foreigners, and single mothers.

Now I was notified that I owe $1600.00 per month for OBAMACARE because I don’t make enough income to get the Marketplace tax credit. So, I guess I won’t be going to the doctor anytime soon.

My experience living in Durham, and my husband’s people’s home state, his father’s land, his father’s-father’s homeland, and his father’s-father’s-father’s homeland and on and on, well, words cannot describe the racism there! It’s overwhelming. One of my son’s loathe his experience so much, he basically dusted his feet. So what do I think about this viral explosive news coverage in Durham, North Carolina, after the human sacrifice of Ms. Heather Heyer, I would say to Black African Americans, know world history and beware of big government, right wing tactics of opportunity and exploitation. ECONOMY, ECONOMY, ECONOMY. In the past nine years of the Obama administration, Durham has went through an incredible evolution. It’s been like a major take over. DURHAM HAS UNDER WENT A MAJOR INVESTMENT LIKE I’VE NEVER SEEN BUT ONLY READ ABOUT. It seems as if they need major revenue to further fund massive city planning projects. And the many prestigious press coming to Durham to cover this story generates revenue. I reference Ms. Kimberly Crenshaw’s work about INTERSECTIONALITY. Whereby Black African people’s needs become included with others and thereby become swept under the rug.

In Europe, Turkey, and the Middle East, they launched a Punic [ie. ‘a pun’, deceptive ploy] movement against Black African people that took hundreds of years to complete; to get the infidels out. This movement began around 1492 and ended at the ending of the Second American Revolution which lasted from 1812 to 1815, a total time of about 300 years. They got rid of the Blacks and replaced them though, through slavery with others. For example, in France the books today will tell you everything but downplay the main truth about the true cause of the French Revolution and world revolution that operated on slavery and the slave trade to solve their economic problems. They have just about completely blacked out the truth about the significant Black presence in France and the clash with Marie Antoinette and this was the core that sparked the French Revolution. The books have been shut on how the palace servants began to explode and released to the public through numerous drawings and caricatures the lude acts they claimed that were committed by this queen but most of all, history has tried to completely cover up the fact that there was an outburst of rage that came from these ‘chocolat servants’. The claims of Marie Antoinette in that she was a dangerous sexual predator on children was redirected and aimed in a charge against her for actions against her own child. This riot against her statement, ‘Let them eat Cake’ was carefully interpreted and downplayed under the larger shout in regards to the bad economy, the lack of bread, and other radical movements launched against the nobility. So after the French and Indian War launched by her mother, Marie Therese, in America, after the Seven Years War, and after the end of the War of 1812, there was a new world order and today, most of us don’t even know how to visually place Black African people in France and Europe at all during those times. INTERSECTIONALITY. And chattel slavery continued on as law for decades more.

This huge part of history was covered up much the way it was done at that time, through INTERSECTIONALITY. The Black voice was completely shut up by another movement that became a rage with the propaganda of ‘DOWN WITH THE ANCIENT REGIME’. But even after the new Republic system was established in Europe and even after the Black Voice was seemingly included in the movement, somehow mysteriously the royal court government system still remained intact as part of a parliamentary government [ie. Two house government] in Europe but the slave system also remained intact but actually became even more intense byway of laws enforced. Likewise during the Civil War and even though the north and south came to a violent clash over ‘the Peculiar Institution’ of slavery and Blacks fought on both sides. And the union was preserved on both sides to a certain degree, but the lives of many Black people were pawned and never gained true freedom outlined in the constitution. Many of them fell through the cracks and still were under strict laws like the Jim Crow laws, or became subject to sharecropping and etc. and lived menial lives. Yet another example would be the World War and the Korean War in which in fact due to some Black men in service being awakened by the same early vestures of INSTERSECTIONALITY. Tokyo Rose shouted out to Black men over the airways through the radio and soon, they began to question why they chose to fight for America and for freedom yet, they were severe victims of racism and being subjected to SEGREGATION in the military camps! INTERSECTIONALITY! Their needs were shoved under the needs of other Americans. They were pawned as if they had been a part of a game of chess. That would be what I think about when I see what has exploded in Durham, North Carolina! Be careful.

Black Lives Matter, but might this only be when their needs agree with the White LBGTQ Movement of which may be a tactic of DIVIDE AND CONQUER in regards to the other needs that the Black Church is bound to fight to protect against. INTERSECTIONALITY. Let’s not sweep child abuse, neglect and pedophilia under the rug.

The demographics of Durham Public Schools from a few years ago as opposed to now has changed dramatically and the change is surreal. Where many schools were predominantly Black, now the same schools are predominantly Hispanic. I am in shock. Most of the predominantly Black communities today looks like a Hispanic community that has been established hundreds of years ago. The strip malls all over Durham look like the Hispanic shops have been there for hundreds of years but it’s only been about nine years, since Obama’s administration. But today, gratefully, Hispanic people and Blacks who live in the same communities seems totally beneficial. About nine years ago, I remember seeing the city run long pipes for miles down the road in North Durham, soon a brand new school was built and about twenty (20) brand new communities were built up everywhere. Then major chemical companies opened up and major roads are being cut in deep wooded areas that completely change the look of the area. In this same area was at least three major slave plantations that was the backbone of Durham which still today host tours. Then downtown Durham, massive building projects have occurred everywhere! On Ninth Street, these outrageous luxury multi-storied building communities were build up and completely changed the look of the area of Duke University. On adjacent blocks for miles and miles are other major luxury multi-storied apartment communities all down Main Street and Hillsborough Street and etc. Beautiful Charter Schools have been built up everywhere that are enormous. These brand new sit-in gas stations popped up everywhere in this area and on Guess road. About ten new fast food restaurants and mega-buffets were built up everywhere in this area. Then way over on the other side of the city, a major multi-highway system is under construction on highway 70 and the look has changed from a two lane system to a massive eight lane system at least which is still under construction and will be for a while. All of this has only been occurring in the past nine years! And I wondered where in the world is the funding coming from? What kind of jobs are being created for the many people that have moved into these areas that I cannot get? Then I see the major remodeled areas around the HBCU, North Carolina Central University, but it is nothing in comparison to the White and ritzy side of Durham. But now, I am beginning to see a pattern.

It seems like America is coming apart at the seams. But again, when I think about the past right-wing movements during the time of Nordicism, I can see the antics that could be at face value, INTERSECTIONALITY. While many people see the history of Hitler and obviously, he was the ‘fall guy’, Oops, I mean the ‘bad guy’, however, I was never taught about the Nordicism movement. I never really grasp the Northern Mediterranean movement against the Southern Mediterranean movement and how this kind of Colorism movement within the White European world went all the way back to the Roman Empire times. I didn’t realize that there was a vicious conflict between the north and the south and all the while, the dark ethnic European peoples were caught up into a sort of INTERSECTIONALITY. But finally, the Nords accepted the Southerners as being a part of their ancestry and then all of a sudden, the dark haired Hitler became the scourge of the world…but the Nords seemed to have passed through these World War times unnoticed in my formal education and as being neutral to the White Supremacist Movement that Hitler represented. Germans were defined as ‘the Master Race’ but now I realize that the definitions have shifted overtime in respect to peoples, countries and cultures. Due to movements like the Cold War, Germany became divided between the East and the West and Scandinavians were defined as being the Western Civilization. Sometimes through education we are conditioned to focus a limited view of current events and the origins of conflicts are omitted. But due to what is going on in this world today, maybe we can see the bigger picture.

So, what do I think about this recent rally in Durham against the Hate group that never showed up, well I think about victims of actual violent hate crimes in certain cities and towns who have been sacrificed and how, amazingly shortly thereafter, reports are put out about a major company hiring for minimum wage jobs that have been created in the same area. And soon, a great wave of jobless people emigrate into the city and finally become employed on a contractual job once again. And now maybe, these struggling people might be able to contact some of their debtors and reset up payment plans and work hard to try and stay afloat this time. INTERSECTIONALITY. The sacrificed victim his pushed back in the mind due to the constant struggle against oppression and due to the threat of another attack on an innocent victim.

Ultimately and due to these fast unfolding events today, I now wonder if this upcoming solar eclipse has become a motivation for our government to respond to us in a certain way. More to this point, I also wonder about big government positions on the upcoming planetary alignment reported to occur on September 23, 2017 that has intrigued the major scientific world in its relation to the Bible prophecy of REVELATION Chapter Twelve. I have yet to research their interpretation of this upcoming phenomena, but due to the strange events that have just recently occurred, I correlate this to the past written record about past governments, and human behavior in response to significant celestial events. A few weeks ago, my husband met a man in the store and he said that this upcoming solar eclipse marks a Biblical term known as THE YEAR OF JUBILEE. At any rate, we are living in some troubling times.

Counter-protesters rally against potential KKK march in Durham, North Carolina

Kimberle Williams Crenshaw
Mapping the Margins: Intersectionality, Identity Politics and Violence against Women of Color …
Crenshaw is responding to the tendency within identity politics to overlook or silence intra-group differences, a dynamic repeated throughout anti-racist and feminist movements to the detriment of black women….

Tokyo Rose

By Sagie from New York, United States - Flickr: Tokyo Rose & JOAK mic DSC_0858, Public Domain,

Pyongyang Sally was an English-speaking woman on North Korean radio stations who broadcast propaganda to U.S. troops during the Korean War. This was used with other forms of propaganda including air-dropped leaflets.

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