Black Poetry : Raising Vampires

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    Raising Vampires

    Rose spirits when I composed lyrics for vampires chilling
    Around campfires whom have damp desires for blood after killings
    One night esxpressed my emotion just to test the oceans hoping
    For romantic potions from the Atlantic Oceans appear on broken
    Winds that’ll open and extend my love, the waves grew
    As graves flew of those that were buried at sea who threw
    Their lives on the line in danger, didn’t survive the anger of enemy
    Fire many acquired wounds and tombs some died with no identity
    In vicious combat in a suspicious habitat the rough oceans has many
    Dangerous spots, look I wear bling no doubt trying to bring about
    A new change in the head of the dead which has spread onroute
    As earthly bats with wings, got smashed and swindled as my cash
    Dwindled, reaarange my finance just to try and enhance my trashed
    Credit it flash pathetic on computer screens, and now must raise
    the dead and amaze the misled rephrase what I said while my words
    blaze in red now slowly lost wering a holy cross just to scare them nerd
    vampires it burn their eyes now concerned over the skies being abound
    in bats and the rounds form gatts won’t kill them so I went and founded
    stakes to piece ther harts it was a fierce start for the day must raise
    the corpses from the sea, it’s a testy site felt like Wesley Snipes dazed
    with a blade in my hand I demand respect from the bat wing beasts
    or their thing will decease with a great stake at a juncture that’ll at least
    punch their heart before lunch start with the drinking of human blood