Black People : ragnarok, white tea party in the house?

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Mar 10, 2010
More so, MsInterpret. A white liberal is loved more than a black conservative.

I trusted this board's maturity when I told them my race and political viewpoint. I can say that this was well place trust for the most part, and I am still glad that I decided to do so. I have met many interesting people with interesting ideas on various topics. A consequence probably due to the non-authoritarian nature of this website(more so than others). There actually are black websites that are black only(as far as they know), but they typically recycle the same thoughts over and over... those sites(or that site) lacks vibrancy, but I doubt it is because they refuse whites. More that they refuse any ideas different than pan-Africanism(slightly like Ankhur, but 100x more so and somewhat different).

I do feel slightly compelled to give James a break, as my presence appears to be causing him stress. But, the vast majority of me thinks he will get over it and calm down soon enough... That and giving in to silliness, such as hate, is somewhat against my nature.

Edit: Taking heed of the people above me. No longer responding to this thread.


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Jun 18, 2004
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"We Are About Loving, Encouraging, Embracing, Teaching and Building With Black People"
Ragnarok said:
This remains true as long as those things are done with black people.
You may have a point if it said only black people or just black people... or black people exclusively(and so on).

so now we have the white man interpreting what the site is all about.
of course, his interpretation will be taken over mine.
he has already assumed a position of control.


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Aug 13, 2009
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I understand what you mean.. somewhere where we can just be alone.. and
not have to deal with them.. but you know that's not here right?
white folks are everywhere in everything attempting to further their own
interests.. it has nothing to do with us.. it's all about them.. and there
is no public forum on the net where we can discuss our points of view
without them coming to defend all things european.. that's just the way
it is.. The only real way to get any privacy is to do something like
facebook where everybody is vetted and connected to each other.. no
strangers allowed.. or do email lists.. You see how many guests there
are lurking around the site.. you best believe a good percent of those folks
are white folks.. wanting to know what black folks think of them.. but, hey
what can you do about it?​

Jamesfrmphilly -

Skuderjaymes has a point.

These folks are miserable in their existence. This is why they have nothing better to do but follow and leech off black people. They have an inferiority complex. Don't let them get under your skin. They will be quick to diagnose you and tell you that you have some sort of complex, but their actions speak for them. Wherever we are, best believe they will be lurking.
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