Black People : ragnarok, white tea party in the house?

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Jun 18, 2004
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Wow....just because he doesn't share the same views as you?? Just because he is white??

Come on now...he isn't breaking any rules James

yes, just because. just because he is bringing poison into this house. just because the libertarian party and the tea party are racists.
just because every time "nice" white people have been accepted into any black society that society has been destroyed.

i just ask the question if any type of person with any type of view can come in here as long as they are clever enough to refrain from breaking a rule.


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Mar 10, 2010
James, you may have a preconception that Libertarians are racist(as you indicated in the voter intimidation thread), but isn't always the case(or, I would argue even usually).

Contrarily, libertarians are usually individualists(or at least the ideology is), and from that find it difficult to accept collectivist ideologies like racism(collective called race is smart/dumb/ect). I won't say I don't make judgments about people, but I restrict that to individuals and not groups.

As I stated in that thread about voter intimidation, I do understand on some primal level the desire to silence your ideological opposition, but is this not part of the problem we were talking about? Did you not notice how I have stated my displeasure of such tactics used by my supposed political allies? Have you also not noticed that I encourage people to vote even if they may vote against what I agree with?

Is not persuasion instead of coercion how civilized people cause others to act? I am not the enemy you imagine me to be. Contrarily, I am your ally, for liberty is the ally of all save oppressors.


Sep 8, 2005
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OK brother james...

How many times have you read or heard Sister Destee say as long as all are respectful to our rules ...they are welcome. She didn't mention race ...she said all. Brother with this in up get your skin in tack....meaning don't be so thin skin...believe the devil will show his head in time. Or don't you remember....they always have and always will. In the mean time. Just let us show the others how to handle them. We've done it so many times in the past's become kinda comical to me now. lol ...the We I am speaking of are the elders and true believers. My #1 rule bro... never let them see you sweat. I know you want to protect what we do we all.

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