Black People : Radio One Buys

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    Radio One Buys

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    Radio One Inc purchases Community Connect Inc. The market price paid for the online social networking site was 38 million. This is the first time a major internet website such as, Asian American Ave and are own by a historical African American company. Up to now, all major black sites have been own by non blacks with a black person in a executive roll.

    No one knows how this purchase will effect Radio One and it's stations. Most of the Radio Stations have their own website content along with TV One. Although Radio One has had some problems, it appears Radio One is making a full attempt to diversity itself currently. Radio One Inc currently owns a broadcasting cable channel TV One , 69 radio stations , and Giant magazine.

    Although a lot of Community Connect users have jump ship for sites like Myspace and Facebook, the Blackplanet and others still can generate a profit. Radio One has a big job to do in the internet game. A game that changes everyday.