Black Poetry : Radio Man

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017
Back in the Summer of eighty five thank God I was still alive

music was filling the streets as I chilled by the strip

here's the trip many girls were dressed with flames both were not ashamed

the innocence of the day as I raged in a cage

there was folks with love swinging on its sod

there he stood the radio man with stereo in his hand

would rap to his music calling it sonic fusion cause he knew what he was doing

Break dance pants and folks playing hacky sack gave me a heart attack

those were the days getting lost in a purple haze better to act your age

yet for the radio man he had a plan

started block parties to raise money for his ailing uncle Freddie who had cancer

Radio was quite a dancer and fine tuned romancer on the village block he was the king

then one day many had need to pray Radio man went away to a mental facility

folks got word and thought it was absurd

there was no one else to entertain many grew insane

until a little time had passed then the Radio man was back

free styling cause he knew what he was doing

back on the mic never giving up on the fight

he was the center of attention with his brand new invention

a beat box mixer on his radio taking him places he needed to go

bust up the beat to promote the tempo it was Radio the king with his flow

always cracking jokes and smiling cause he had fish for frying no he ain't lying

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