Black People : RADIO ACTIVE: Black Father's Day Special

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    RADIO ACTIVE: Black Father’s Day Special
    For Black Fathers who can not be with their children today and who would like to communicate their love and caring for their children, we invite you to call in to the program and share your thoughts and feelings live on this Internet Talk Show. The program is recorded and will be available on line as a download for your children to hear in the future. Details below

    Sunday, June 17th, at 3PM ET, I will be hosting a live, Internet call in talk show and I'm inviting you to participate in this very special Father's Day program. We'd like you to share some father wit and father wisdom you've learned.

    Talk radio has truly come to cyberspace! It's easy to tune in and easier to call in!
    Just be on line Sunday at 3PM ET and click here: RADIO ACTIVE
    At the website, just click the LISTEN LIVE button and you'll instantly be part of our Global audience!
    And you can call in on your phone and talk to me LIVE ON THE INTERNET! (646/478-5566)

    Dont Miss This!!!! Sunday, June 17th, 3PM ET on-line @
    The program is RADIO ACTIVE The topic is: Father's Day Special