Internet Technology : Racists are using these code-words online to avoid censorship

Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006
In the Spirit of Cyberspace,

Racists are using these code-words online to avoid censorship

Skittles aren’t just candies. Skype isn’t just a VoIP service. Google, Bing, and Yahoo aren’t just search engines. In fact, these are all codewords that are used by racists online in order for them to skirt censorship.

You can see the full (and deeply unpleasant) list below ...





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Feb 19, 2001
I saw this on line yesterday. I'm sure it's always been done. Just modernized. I couldn't get the entire list of words


Clyde C Coger Jr

Well-Known Member
Nov 17, 2006
I saw this on line yesterday. I'm sure it's always been done. Just modernized. I couldn't get the entire list of words

I saw it 2 days ago, lol, and just now, getting around to posting it ...

Click the list below and then click it again to see all:facepalm:


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