Black People : Racist attacks against Elder Brother MK Asante!

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    Yes I.

    Brothers and Sisters of Destee, please read text below and follow instructions.

    Peace and blessings.



    Dear Sisters and Brothers,

    Subject: Temple University racism. Dean Soufas racist actions and
    words against Prof. Molefi Kete ASANTE. Call for your support

    Brother Molefi Kete ASANTE, Professor in the Department of African
    American Studies of Temple University, Philadelphia, USA has been
    victim of racist verbal abuse and action from the newly appointed Dean
    of the College of Liberal Arts, Ms Teresa Scott Soufas . The incident
    occurred during a meeting with other professors on October 22, 2007.

    She yelled at him, attempted to malign, demonize and terrorize him.
    She made false and slanderous claims against him, pretending among
    others lies that he was allegedly working against the African American
    Studies Department. As the Brother boldly faced her, firmly told her
    to stop pointing her finger at him and left the room, she became mean
    spirited and went crazy.

    This racist attack is all the more unfair and unacceptable since
    Brother Asante's achievements, figure and name have made the
    (excellent) national and international reputation and fame of Temple
    University in general and the African American Studies Department of
    Temple in particular in a unique way (see Asante's bio in: Now that this has happened, many Brothers and Sisters
    from all over the world are writing complaints to Temple
    administration. Our demand is simple: the white racist Dean must
    officially apologize to our Brother and Comrade. Nothing less! Please,
    join in this crusade as such a mean, sneaky and racist attack against
    one of our most conscious, bold and uncompromising intellectuals,
    role-models, leaders and s/heroes is an attack against us all.

    Here is one such letter of protest. Use this or rephrase and amend or
    change it at your convenience. Either way, please send no anonymous
    post. Clearly mention your names, affiliation (academic, professional,
    association or otherwise) and the place you are writing from,
    especially if you are out of the USA. Keep it formal but straight,
    bold and uncompromising. And, don't forget to demand an official
    apology from the racist Dean Soufas. In the subject header of your
    email, just write: "Dean Soufas racist actions and words against Prof.
    Asante". Emails and faxes should be sent to Temple President Hart and
    Temple Provost Staiano-Coico,

    [email protected]
    Phone: (+1) 215-204-4775
    Fax: (+1) 215-204-5600

    [email protected]
    Phone: (+1) 215-204-4775
    Fax: (+1) 215-204-5816

    Please, email a blind copy (bcc) to Brother Asante: [email protected]
    and use the same email to express him your solidarity and support.
    Also kindly send us a bcc of your posts at:
    [email protected] .

    Down with racist Dean Soufas and all the anti-Black Deans of the world!
    Don't you ever touch Brother Asante!

    In Victory
    Brotherly, Panafricanly and Afrocentrically,

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    OK, I will accept condemnation for what I am about to say but this is the whole **** problem.

    People like this should have ARMIES and SELF-Defense Units established by now to FIGHT BACK but NO, they are still stuck in Ivory Towers spouting THEORIES!

    If you spout Afro-Centrism then you should have an AFRICAN-BASED Militia to Back your butt up or STFU!
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    betwixt and between
    Brother Ikoro ... Peace and Blessings ... good to have you back in the house.

    What exactly was said?

    If a Black person said the same, would it be considered a racist attack, or inappropriate negative critique from a superior.

    I'm assuming that Dean's rank higher than Professors, possibly even over this particular Professor.