African American History Culture : RACISM IS A LIBERATION IDEOLOGY

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    Human races were invented around 1760 to give whites human status.
    The Declaration of Human Rights was white serfs asking their brown and black complexioned noble master for equality.
    The Ancien Regime, the rule of the nobles was toppled by racism
    but the ugly face of racism came after 1848 when whites in Europe were finally emancipated.
    Then they set out to menace any Black person alive.

    We need to get a handle on racism, as it did not drop from heaven, and whites are not those all out mighty creatures they make themselves to be. By constantly reminding Blacks they were their slaves, Blacks are daily intimidated not to look for a way out.
    As I observed whites for 32 years I cannot understand they are seen as superior. And all this mystery about where whites come from, while every Black person notices they resemble albinos. All white life forms come out of albinism, why should it be different for white people? And Blacks did not become whites 6000 years ago, but whites started to come to Europe. The first Europeans were Africans, and by 1100-1200 part of them called themselves a nobility, and started oppressing and exploiting everybody else.

    Whites are not naturally evel, Blacks are not naturally evil. While we are all watching white children are taufght to hate Blacks. This is so strong that even Black children learn to hate Blacks. We know about the experiment of a Black child who favours a white doll.

    Whites hate Blacks because they were ruled by Blacks. Blacks civilized the hell out of whites. But today, as we know why they hate, we have deconstructed racism, and can tell whites: brother, sister: you got to move on.


    I have watched these images with laughing whites and dead Blacks and wondered what Blacks did that whites hate them so much. Making a picknick of murder, bringing small children along. The acrimonious nature of racism told me there was a confrontation, and this was recent. When and where? I found out it was already in Europe where Blacks ruled whites, and they had the French Revolution. As I found all philosophers of the Enlightenment were Blacks, and they precipatated the down fall of the Ancien Regime, I understood all of the elite was brown or black. And racism was a too, an invention, a means to a purpose. As the nobles self-identified with litlle Moors as Black, I understood that racism was directed against the Nobles. The other Blacks, the regent class sided with the mass of whites, called themselves Black Caucasians to defy the nobles, and bring them down.

    It could not be simples. Blacks were always part of history as the first people, and they made all the inventions. Why should white have all the great thinkers and writers if we are equal? My theory restores Blacks to their rightful place at the centre of history, the first people, and the bringers of civilization.

    I often see myself as that poor Black man in the photo, but when I look up I see Blacks stoning me. There are Blacks who stone Blacks in league with whites, and they do not find this very strange.
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