Black People : Racism goes on trial again in America's Deep South

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    The prosecution of three black Louisiana youths reveals the rise of
    discrimination by stealth

    Tom Mangold in Jena, Louisiana
    Sunday May 20, 2007


    In the cool and beflagged small courtroom in Jena, Louisiana, three black
    schoolboys - Robert Bailey, Theodore Shaw and Mychal Bell - are about to
    go on trial for a playground fight that could see them jailed for between
    30 and 50 years. Jena, about 220 miles north of New Orleans, is a small
    town of 3,000 people, 85 per cent of whom are white. Tomorrow it will be
    the focus for a race trial which could put it on the map alongside the bad
    old names of the Mississippi Burning Sixties such as Selma or Montgomery,

    Jena is gaining national notoriety as an example of the new 'stealth'
    racism, showing how lightly sleep the demons of racial prejudice in
    America's Deep South, even in the year that a black man, Barak Obama, is a
    serious candidate for the White House.

    It began in Jena's high school last August when Kenneth Purvis asked the
    headteacher if black students could break with a long-held tradition and
    join the whites who sit under the tree in the school courtyard during
    breaks. The boy was told that he and his friends could sit where they

    The following morning white students had hung three nooses there. 'Bad
    taste, silly, but just a prank,' was the response of most of Jena's

    'To us those nooses meant the KKK [Ku Klux Klan], they meant, "*******,
    we're going to kill you, we're going to hang you till you die,"' says
    Caseptla Bailey, a black community leader and mother of one of the
    accused. The three white perpetrators of what was seen as a race hate
    crime were given 'in-school' suspensions (sent to another school for a few
    days before returning).

    Jena's major industry is growing and marketing junk pine. Walk down the
    usually deserted main street and you will not find many black employees.
    Bailey, 56, is a former air force officer and holder of a business
    management degree. 'I couldn't even get a job in Jena as a bank teller,'
    she said. 'Look at the banks and the best white-collar jobs and you'll see
    only white and red necks in those collars.'

    Billy Doughty, the local barber, has never cut black men's hair. 'They
    just don't come here,' he mumbled. 'Anyway, their hair is different and
    difficult to cut.'

    The majority of blacks live in an area known as Ward 10. Many homes are
    trailers, or wooden shacks. Rubbish lies in the streets. On 'Snob Hill',
    where the whites live, the spacious gardens and lawns are trimmed, the
    gravelled drives boast SUVs and nice new saloons. Only two black families
    live there. A teacher from Jena High had enough money to buy his way in.
    But when he arrived local estate agents refused to show him a 'white'
    property even though several were advertised in the local paper ('they're
    all under contract,' the agents lied). The teacher eventually went to see
    one white owner and offered him cash. 'The guy preferred green [dollars]
    to black, so I got the property,' laughed the teacher, 'but since we moved
    in three years ago we haven't been invited by a single neighbour.'

    On 30 November, someone tried to burn Jena High to the ground. The crime
    remains unsolved. That same weekend race fights between teenagers broke
    out downtown, and on 4 December racial tension boiled over once more in
    the school. A white student, Justin Barker, was attacked, allegedly by six
    black students.

    The expected charges of assault and battery were not laid, and the six
    were charged with attempted second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit
    second-degree murder. They now face a lifetime in jail.

    Barker spent the evening of the assault at the local Baptist church, where
    he was seen by friends to be 'his usual smiling self'.

    Nine days later, with the case technically sub judice, the District
    Attorney made the following public statement to the local paper: 'I will
    not tolerate this type of behaviour. To those who act in this manner I
    tell you that you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and
    with the harshest crimes that the facts justify. When you are convicted I
    will seek the maximum penalty allowed by law. I will see to it that you
    never again menace the students at any school in this parish.'

    Bail for the impoverished students was set absurdly high, and most have
    been held in custody. The town's mind seems to be made up.

    But now the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and
    the American Civil Liberties Union - 'damned outsiders' - have become
    involved and have begun to recruit, enthuse and empower the local black
    population. Reporters from the BBC and the New York Times have been drawn
    to the story. Jena does not like this publicity and shifts uncomfortably
    in the glare. It is 42 years since President Lyndon Johnson closed the
    loopholes that allowed southern states to discriminate against blacks.
    When the accused shuffle into court tomorrow, it's Jena that will be on

    · Tom Mangold reports 'Race Hate In Louisiana' for 'This World', BBC2,
    Thursday, 7pm.

    Guardian Unlimited © Guardian News and Media Limited 2007
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    Fighting for relief ...seem like we as people will never get from under
    da Racism that is still big in today's to watch and keep an eye on!
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    Here is another article on this story

    Click HERE for the article.

    And folks have the audacity to think Racism/White Supremacy is not alive and kicking.