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    Racism and Religion
    By George G.M. James

    James died under mysterious circumstances shortly after the publication of Stolen Legacy in 1954.

    “The Roman government, which through the edicts of Emperors Theodosius and Justinian closed down the Egyptian Mysteries…The result of this was the misrepresentation and erroneous opinion that the African Continent and people are backward in culture and have made no contribution to civilization and (B) the establishment of Christianity as a rival against the (Egyptian) Mysteries or African system of culture, in order to perpetuate this erroneous opinion. A futher result has been the false worship of Greek intellect and the activities of Missionary enterprise through which the culture of Black people is caricatured both in literature and in exhibitions”.

    Also in 390 AD the temple of Serapis and the adjacent great library of Alexandria were destroyed by a Christian mob; twenty-five years later, the brilliant and beautiful philosopher and mathematician hypatia was gruesomely murdered in the same city by a gang of monks instigated by St Cyril. These two acts of violence mark the end of Egyptian religion and the beginning of the Christian Dark Ages.

    When the Christians came into power after the edict of Constantine they were powerless against the great hold of the black Madonna on the people so they ended it by compounding her religion with theirs, changing her name of Hathor/Isis to Mary.

    James continues: “Egypt was the Holy land of the ancient world and the mysteries were the one, ancient and Holy Catholic religion, whose power was supreme. This lofty culture system of the black people filled Rome with envy, and consequently she legalized Christianity which she had persecuted for five long centuries, and set up as a state religion and as a rival of mysteries, its own mother. this is why the mysteries have been despised; this is why other ancient religions of the Black people are dispised; because they are all offspring of the African mysteries, which have never been clearly understood by Europeans, and consequently have provoked their prejudice and condemnation.In keeping with the plan of Emperors Theodosius and Justinian to exterminate and forever suppress the culture system of the African continents the Christian church established its missionary enterprise to fight against what it has called paganism. Consequently missionaries and educators have gone to the mission field with a superiority complex, born of miseducation and disrespect: a prejudice which has made it impossible for them to accomplish the blessings which missionary enterprise might otherwise have accomplished. For this reason Missionary enterprise has been responsible for a positive injury against the African people, which consists of the perpetual caricature of African culture in literature and exhibitions which provoke laughter and disrespect…white and black races not only common victims of a false racial tradition about the African Continent but also partners in the solution of the problem of racial reformation”.

    The assault on Egypt and its history has always been under fire. The fire of hate was half burning until the 19th century when the Europeans totally rejected Egypt giving any contributions to Greece and Rome. But durning this same time archaeology findings like the Rosetta stone were producing replica texts of Christianity before there was a Bible produced. I have no problem with Christianity and religion I love them all. Its okay to believe in any humanatarian doctrine you want, that our rights. What I object to is the way its been imposed upon people through the use of fear, guilt, violence and the suppression of alternative thought. But slowly this will fade with the truth coming out.

    And until a long hearing of the facts reversed, perverted and falsified, makes one feel as if under a nightmare which has lasted for eighteen centuries, knowing the Truth to have been buried alive and made dumb all that time; and believing that it has only to get voice and make itself heard to end the lying once for all, and bring down the curtain of oblivion at last upon the most pitiful drama of delusion ever witnessed on the human stage.
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