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    Force, fraud, and favors are the weapons of power which rulers have used from the beginning of recorded time to induce obedience from the ruled. The institution of the State has ever been set of symbols ( the flag ) or procedures whereby power-holders have defended their privileges against rebels within and enemies without.

    Politics has ever been a game wherein the contestants have vied with one another for control of the tools of authority and for access to the good things of life which authority makes possible to attain. Political power is typically exercised through the physical repression of those who challenge it. Thru magic, mysticism, and the inculcation of myths and legends. Used by those vested with authority to evoke from the masses fear, awe, loyalty, and love.

    Thru wise and masterful distribution of payoffs, and bribes among the groups that compromise the body politic.
    Punishment, persuasion and perquisites ( payments and perks received by law makers and congress ) are the universal weapons of power. Politics is a power relationship, power techniques and the allocation and reallocation of values among the various strata of the social hierarchy.

    The government instituted for the people by the people and the way it is currently run and established allow the few to control and exploit the many.

    It is practiced and believed by those in power that the masses are incompetent. So power is given only to select minorities. Programs and processes are established to guarantee and preserve inequalities in authority, in education, in society at large.

    Since we know we stand between the poles of the have and have nots. Between those enjoying the property and privilege.
    Why do we oscillate between the two poles. Democrats and Republicans?

    Neither bringing us closer to a resolution to the problems. Neither able to reach one pole or the other. Both using us to bounce their energy from left, to right.... center. Since both stand at some point between these extremes. What should be our stand?

    A meeting in the middle? May be the answer.

    Our middle. Our define. Our terms. Based on their laws. Holding their ( CONGRESS ) feet to the 14th, and 15th amendment.
    Those before us that used violence was able to get short term propaganda, and compromise. Those that employed peace was able to do the same.

    What is needed to establish concrete change?

    Now do you think Congress ratified the 13th amendment, and is using the 14th and 15th to punishing us for that freedom?

    Regardless of the control of the congress ( democrats or republicans ) . There are still holes in the law established in 1864.

    Which is more controversial to our needs the House.. or the Senate?

    The house had trouble passing the thirteenth amendment in 1864. They took 10 more months to vote and make the emancipation proclamation law. The thirteenth amendment abolished slavery, but it didn't prevent the future re-establishment of bondage by a state.

    America went thru a reconstruction. We never did. We thought we did. We felt we did. We mistook some change for change. Not knowing the truth or level of what we were handed. We were ( dissed ) dis- enfranchised.

    En- franchising didn't happen. So if it didn't happen. Why not? Did Congress allow us to be scooped. Did they stand by and allow states rights to rule? Yes in both cases.

    So did the states cost themselves the right to be established back into the union? Yes they did.

    Should they still have to answer for those reductions of (our)rights today. Yes they do.

    How can we right that? Can we work the powers that oscillate between the poles? Are we a core, to America? The center of the right and left?

    If you understand magnetism a core gives strength to the two poles. Fluxing their power depending on how much energy they put toward the core. One pole can come up, or one can go down. POWER is induced in each case.

    Their is a meeting this month in Washington DC. To discuss the issue. Of Reparations. This may be something AL Sharpton can bring to the front and help break the wedge both poles have used and driven for years to dilute the truth and fact that they haven't dealt with us yet.

    The Freedman Bureau established in 1865 by Congress. Was where the bill came from that stated that all of the abandoned and confiscated land of the south should be distributed among the slaves. Not more than forty acres to each adult male.

    There was no land. Hardly enough to go around. This whole stand and act caused more hatred of the south towards Negroes and Northerners.

    So Congress started it ( along with a civil rights bill ) and left us to be victimized by what came after.

    Black Codes. Jim Crow. Segregation. Racism of all sorts. They stood still for exactly 100 years.

    Congressman from states that still discriminate should be thrown out of Congress and the state shouldn't be allowed to have representation.

    Instead of focusing and diluting real issues that America needs to address.

    We focus on Gay rights to marry.

    We focus on the catholic churches view on the preist that abuse the children.

    We allow and make deals paying Poland $230,000,000 dollars for (2300) troops ( $100,000 per man ) so we don't look like a occupying force in Iraq.

    We shove ($30,000,000 ) of our money into a traitor hands that delivered Hussains sons.

    We allow a recall in California of a Democrat that is a Republican in Democrat clothing to blind us and focus long enough to allow more erosion of our rights.

    We allow the supported pole Democrats to take us for granted.

    We allow the unsupported pole Republicans to not only take us for granted , but to openly and with hostile intent practice their PAGAN witchcraft on us.

    We are the CORE ( CENTER OF RACIAL EQUALITY ) . Bring things to the middle and oscillate. No power goes out, no power is distributed. It's all focused on the center CORE. :D

    If you can bring more light into the dark corners of what we face let 's discuss it on here.
    Read about what you can do.
    The article is posted in ---- Planned Events By Family Members.
    If your in the DC area, please attend the posted function.

    The International Human Rights Day/Reparations Rally

    The Public is invited to attend!

    The International Human Rights Day/Reparations Rally

    August 16, 2003

    12:00 Noon - 6:00 PM

    National Mall @ 3rd Street, N.W. Washington, D.C.

    " Garner support for the issue of slave reparations; plan to repair, restore and reconcile past and present human, civil and constitutional rights violations; "