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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Look, I know that there is a certain element of Black People who are not serious nor is concern with anything that effect Black people, if it is not about money, prestige and having the appearance of success in America and the world.

    So do not be misguided into thinking that when I share that which I know is Divinely True, that I expect a big overwhelming positive response from most of you Black People, you who participate in the talking through writing, on this Internet.

    Now, with that said, I will continue to do what I am given to share with you and you who are wise enough to see where My Mind is on the issues that I share about, good for you, and those who are prevented from acknowledging the Divine Truth that I share here, then it is your Bad and not Mine.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    So tell me, why Black People have allowed ourselves to become edgy and self condemning when the issue or topic of Race come before us, I remembered the Time when Black People felt oh so comfortable in discussing the issue of Race in America, and we had no problem in identifying America Spirit toward Black people, as being a Racist spirit that plant the seed of prejudice among Americans, most who are not Black.

    So you see beloved, in America and throughout the world, it is the seed of racial prejudice that Racism has planted in the mind of the world, and now has the world divided between Black and White, the sub-ethnics I am not focusing on at this Time, because I know that they to, are victim's of the propaganda that feed to you Race superiority of White People, and all in between who are not Black.

    Because, you must see, Racism is all about developing division between Ethnicity's based upon the prejudice that is sown in the mind of lighter color of Ethnics toward the Darker shade of Black Afrikan People, now that is a scientific fact as I Divinely see it to be, concerning Race stereotyping in America and the World.

    Prejudice against Black Afrikans, is a world problem, because you do not see the world rising up against what the forces of the world has done to Afrika and Black Afrikan People, and I will not accept the claim of ignorance on any part of the world, that might claim to be unaware of what the forces of the world did to Afrika and Black Afrikan People, to have the world look at Black People as the world do, which is in a condescending way and the world can admit to this Divine Truth or Not, it will not sway me from what I have been given to Divinely See and Know about this world of oppressors against Africa and its People, the Black Afrikans.

    Race, Black people today has been made through conditioning and influence, to deny the issue of Race as being a major problem in America and Black people have been made to believe if we bring up Race as being the motivating factor which is responsible for us being in the living condition we are in, and Afrika is in today, then we are ostracize for doing so, it is as if the sanity of Race difference has been placed to be out of bounds in America society today.

    Today America is on a campaign to complete the Mind conditioning of Black people, persuading us to believe that Race is a false construct and an issue that is out of fashion and out dated, as for as being a tool of reasoning to use in highlighting the evil America is guilty of in perpetrating against Black People and our Continent, Afrika.

    So here it is beloved, if you sit on your Black behind in all of our ignorant arrogance, believing what is not being told to you about Race, which claim that your Black behind does not matter and we are stupidly ignorant enough to believe in such an America strategy of claim, about your Black Race, then no wonder you have the Mind made to be used by fools disclaiming their Blackness.

    You have some ignorant intelligent Black Afrikans who stand up on their soap box so ignorantly tall and proud, making claim that all Black Afrikans who use Race as their motivation to acknowledge the evil that has been done against Black People, and now cause Black people to be accused of having a disease call Racism.

    We Black People should proudly acknowledge who we divinely are, which are Divine Black Afrikan Beings, meaning to those of us who are wise enough to acknowledge that Divine Fact about us, is what give us the Divine intelligence to know that Race Does Matter.

    If not to anybody else but to the Black Divine Beings, you who are in this world, but is not of this Racist Prejudice World, a world infested with evil that is against Black People.

    Beloved, if America was so pure in its spirit toward you, then how in hell did you get here, if not based upon Race.

    If America is so converted toward you today and as it has convinced you to believe today, to America, Race Does Not Matter, then why in hell America has not done the Divine Thing to prove its conversion and the way America view Black People today.

    Why has not America paid to your Enslaved Ancestors their Reparation, which America can not justly deny that such Reparation is owed by America to our Enslaved Black Afrikans Ancestors.

    If America is so repentant, then why has America selected a Mulatto that is neither Black nor White, which represent confusion, to be the one to lay the lid over the coffin of Race and to tell Black People that Race does not Matter and that we all are a member of that Human Race.

    The Race of Humanity of Diverse Ethnics Races they that participated in destroying Black People Civilization and now have succeeded in having Black people to believe that we Black people are responsible for the present condition of Afrika and our living condition today.

    The oppressors now claim Afrika and Black People present condition had not then, and not now, nothing to do with race, claiming that is not what brought on the present status of Afrika and Black Afrikans in the world today, so if race does not have anything to do with why America refuse to pay to our Enslaved Ancestors their Reparation, then why haven't Reparation been paid, if Race does not Matter.

    Beloved, when the Divine Truth be told, Black People are not a member of any Race, we are Divine Beings of a Divine Nature unto our selves, it was Lucifer who saw fit to tag God performance in bringing us into being what we are.

    We are Beings with the intelligence to cause a life for ourselves that will be consistent with our Infinite Divinity, meaning that we are a cosmic copy of the Divine Infinite Universe, with a physical presence just as the physical Universe, all representing the action caused by the Divine Essence, that which did not label what It Has distinctly Revealed to be, and appear, to not be.

    But on this physical level, and for the sake of communication to be understood, then the Use of the term Race is acceptable in that very narrow concept of a perception, and in that case, As The Honorable Marcus Garvey Said and implied, Race Does Matter.

    So why is it that Black people do not have the gumption to get up off of our behind and let it be known that we will not be bullied from dealing with the issue of Race on the term it has been presented to be.

    There were and still is, Black people still being abused, because of a stereotyped Racial identity, that the world of lighter color used to justify disrespecting and abusing a people label to be Black by those same oppressors that caused and is causing oppression against the Black Afrikan Nation.

    So beloved, if the Black Race is to ever see its Justification to be understood, then the Black Race must be the Race to make it so.

    Therefore, all that Black people need to do, is to cause Race to become a World issue for discussion, which must begin with our own discussion and assessment of Race in the America and in the World, facing the Divine Reality of how the World has approached the Race of the Divine Being upon this planet earth.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    So to ignore your obligation and responsibility to your self, simply because I have come to share what you would not confront on your own volition, make you Black people to be exactly as the Lynch papers have so adequately described your Black Do nothing depended upon the white man behind.

    Now, do I sound as someone campaigning to be your leader or to become a member of your complacent clan of Black groups, No, I just come with pure mind of affection for my people label to be Black, sharing what has been kept from us all of those years, while behind the curtain of ignorance.

    Therefore, I do what I must do, expecting not one thing from you, because all of my Divine Knowledge come from our Divine First Way Ancestors, as such Divine Information flow through the channel of our intuitive Soul, to our conscious mind.

    Can you Understand That, Beloved?

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved