Black Entertainment : R. KELLY AT IT AGAIN!!!


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Jun 18, 2004
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I knew this question was going to be raised, had included it in my last post, but deleted it to save my comments when the question surfaced. Here's how I think.

Would I "let" my daughter go with a man like R. Kelly? If she is an adult and chooses to be with him, what option(s) do I have as her mother? "Kidnap" her and the minute I turn your back, she runs back to him? No, by the time my daughter reached the legal age of consent, my work in terms of "raising" her was done. I don't "own" her. If she at some point wanted to leave him and asked for my help, yes, I'd be there for her and wouldn't hesitate nor judge. Until then, I have to wait for that call.
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Feb 19, 2001
The BS flag notwithstanding thanks for making my point for me with your own misinformed statement. Your glaring error was stating and I quote you: Many of the females have been interviewed after leaving. To date "all" of the females on record known to have stayed at R. Kelly's residence under investigation have been interviewed. Up to today R. Kelly has not been found guilty much less convicted of a sex crime in any County, State or Federal court of law. Immoral behavior or the practice of such is not a crime, it is a sin before my Lord GOD but again if you don't know you "need" to know that. R. Kelly was convicted of spousal abuse against his wife, as much as I see you're not so convincingly trying to shoehorn that into this situation, that is not a sex crime and you need to know that too. Interesting your little BS flag has the devil incarnate raising it in his continued fight against my Lord GOD. Interesting to say the least. Disturbing but yet interesting in a bizarre sort of way to a devout Christian child of GOD. May GOD bless you anyway.

The only thing I've done is watch you resort to alternative facts. All have not



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Nov 2, 2009
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Look, I'm just sayin'...

R. Kelly may have some extreme sexual habits that most of us don't subscribe to, and true, he got beat up badly in the past by the media and in the court of public opinion, but, regardless of how I might feel personally about his sexual preferences, I don't think we should naturally jump to conclusions about him and claim he's guilty without giving the man his right to defend himself first. Some people--including Black people--like "kinky" sex and if they are all consenting adults and not breaking any laws, so what? They parents putting their daughter on blast like that may not be the best way to handle this situation--if there is a situation.
yeah.. her father may just ruined her chances of making any kind of career in the music business. Dragging her name through the mud because she moved out of his control.. I can see where the father is coming from, but at the same time, I would never send my daughter to live with some man that supposed to help her do something.. anything.. anyman.

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