Black Entertainment : R. KELLY AT IT AGAIN!!!


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Feb 19, 2001
So basically it rolls up like this..... y'all don't like R Kelly. And you're looking for a reason to bash him. Ok. I see you.

So are you going to hate on any person that has a bone in the closet? If you look hard enough we all have things that other folks would disagree with.

Y'all done with Chris Brown? Sisquo had a baby with a 14 yo and refuses to acknowledge it's his. Y'all done with him? Brandy killed someone, y'all done with her? And y'all just assume Michael Jackson was guilty too, right?

Perverts are suppose to be hated



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May 30, 2015
The claims should be investigated based on his past history of taking advantage of teenage girls (Using your star power to urinate on chronologically and mentally immature females is taking advantage of them in my opinion). If there is any truth to the claims, then he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If not, then he should be left with the option to sue the parents for slander.

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