Kenya : R.I.P:Wesly Ngetich - Kenyan Marathon runner killed

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    I just saw this news today...

    Wesly Ngetich crosses the finish line as the winner of the Grandma's Marathon on June 16, 2007. Ngetich was fatally shot with an arrow

    NAIROBI, Kenya - Some of Kenya’s most celebrated runners say they are receiving death threats because of rumors they are involved in the ethnic violence that has swept the nation following a disputed election.

    Many were so worried they gathered from across the country this week in the western town of Eldoret, a running hub that has seen some of the worst violence, to discuss how to respond. The meeting ended with a statement intended to dispel the rumors.

    He said his driver was in his car with some of his relatives when they were stopped last Saturday by six police officers.

    “They told him they were looking for me because they want to kill me and after that they will also kill my drivers,” Kiptanui said.

    The officers accused the driver of transporting guns and bows and arrows, Kiptanui said, but when the driver invited them to search the car, they declined.

    “That’s why I am really scared — because the policemen are known to me and they know my home,” he said, adding that four of the officers were Kikuyu.