Black Poetry : r e vision


Mar 26, 2001
If I had the strength
to withstand the trilogy of
your phosphorous luminescence, your
substantial waves of presence
and your incandescence,
I could live with you.

But better yet
tease the tantric truths of
sense and sensibilities by
withholding the enigmas of the senses.

Meet the other
and only let the voice bathe
my soul into submission.

Let darkened rooms provide the light
of inexplicable beauty.
Sure friends can look at pictures
or even meet us to verify our beauty,
but no face to face
with vision.
let's remake

Let our hearts see,
let our minds focus on the
images our curves present to
one another.
We'll stay soul to soul.
Communiques will volley
back and forth with no barrier.
a furious sweaty life alone from
the world but crowded with passion
in the dark.

Folks will marvel at us,
beauty blindfolded at the wedding,
kissed with eyes closed,

Will I'll say
"when i look at you" ?
no. I'll say
When I see IN you.

and to those shaking heads
we'll say
"it's a soul thang,
you wouldn't understand"


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