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Discussion in 'Black Entertainment' started by farrah, May 11, 2002.

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    Sep 29, 2001
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    although there are few artists right now that will help change the image of r&b i think it will take a turn for the better. First you have alicia keys writing her own songs and playing the instruments. She didn't sample like ashanti. Ashanti is very fake if it weren't for the debarge beat and voice enhancers then she would not be singing. Tweet is good, she sounds good but too bad she is somewhat underrated. Now for the males. Carl thomas is good as well as joe. R.kelly is talented and sounds good but with this latest scandal he will not be well-respected like before especially from what i'm seeing on these message boards. But out of all, there is a fresh new face in r&b, dj rodgers jr. He wrote "summer rain" for carl thomas and wrote "life will pass you by" for faith evans. we know those were great songs with a different style. That is dj rodgers style and he's coming out with his own album june 18th and i can't wait. That will be the beginning of new r&b.